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Making moves on the mic

Making moves on the mic

Mma Oshima

Oratile Setimela aka Mma Oshima is a young woman on a mission.

The 28-year-old Tonota native looks destined to become the next big thing in Traditional music, seamlessly making the move from dancer to backing vocalist and finally lead artist.

Mma Oshima was dancing for Balaakgosi troupe, who then advised her to record her own song after noticing her talent.

She duly followed their advice, recording ‘Ke apeile sopo’, which she released on 23 August. Mastered in Zimbabwe at Rock up studio, the debut track is directed at the fairer sex and encourages women to take care of themselves and know what they want in life.

Inspired by local greats such as MmaAusi and Maxy, the newbie’s motto is that patience and hard work pays.

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“I trust myself and do not fear anyone when it comes to music and the stage,” the confident Mma Oshima tells GiG.

RATING: A spectacular 7/10