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Making Pula, saving water



Making Pula, saving water

Bringing Japan’s smart water solutions to Botswana

After learning about the water-saving technology from a Japanese company, Kebaletetse Kebaletetse decided to bring the East Asian invention to Botswana.

This resulted in the establishment of Smart Water Solutions in 2019. Located in Fairgrounds in Gaborone, the business has partnered with DG TAKANO, Japan’s market leader in water-saving technology, to bring their Bubble90 Extreme water-saving nozzle to Bots.

Making Pula, saving water

FRESHWATER: Limited resource

DG TAKANO is a Japanese environmental technology company that focuses on creating sustainable solutions to social and environmental problems.

“When I found out about Bubble90, I immediately knew I had to bring this technology to Botswana. We are the world’s 17th most water-scarce country and have major issues with prolonged droughts and desertification, so there is a real need for a product like this. I believe we can make a real difference,” stated the 35-year-old Serowe native.

Explaining more about Smart Water Solutions, Kebaletetse, who is the founder and Managing Director of the business, says the company does not only solve water-related costs and wastage in the catering industry but also creates value for clients in various industries.


“These include supermarkets, office and residential spaces, schools and universities, and the hospitality industry. Amongst our high profile clients are Botswana Accountancy College, Boitekanelo College, and Time Projects,” Kebaletetse highlighted proudly.

Stressing the importance of their technology, Kebaletetse said it reduces water wastage, as well as the cost associated with water and energy.

“The advent of Covid-19 has also spurred our growth as businesses lean towards cost-cutting measures that reduce further strain on dwindling cash reserves and limited cash flows.”

Kebaletetse was quick to point out that most clients have reported a drastic change in their monthly water bills, with some even noticing an astonishing 50 percent drop

Smart Water Solutions currently employs five permanent employees and two temporary staff. The company occasionally engages the services of freelance plumbers when undertaking large projects to complement their staff.


Looking ahead, Kebaletetse anticipates a bright future for his enterprise as he notes the world is gradually waking up to the importance of sustainability.

“Freshwater is a limited resource, the potential cost of our failure to preserve it in this generation could be disastrous for the next one. Therefore governments and organisations are investing heavily in securing steady and sustainable technologies to ensure we have freshwater,” he said.

While Smart Water Solutions is currently making a splash in the country, Kebaletetse says the business’ ambitions are set on Africa as a whole.

“The next five years are focused on Southern Africa. We have already secured trade networks in South Africa and Namibia markets,” he revealed.


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