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Man swindled out of P168, 000 online

Man swindled out of P168, 000 online

Conmen promised to send him machinery from SA

Letlhakane police are investigating a case in which a 48-year-old man was allegedly swindled out of P168, 000 in an online scam.

The complainant reportedly told police he sent the money to ‘unknown individuals’ he had met on Facebook.

Confirming the case, Letlhakane Station Commander, Michael Maphephu revealed the worried man reported his misfortune to officers on Monday.

“According to the report, those unknown people had promised to sell him machinery from South Africa. They lured him into depositing the money before they delivered the goods,” narrated the top cop.

However, after parting with the small fortune, things quickly went amiss for the trusting Letlhakane native.

“He said after depositing the money they changed their story and later deleted the Facebook page they were using. They then switched off their phones and are nowhere to be found or contacted,” continued Maphephu, adding the complainant admitted that due to lockdown restrictions, he never went to South Africa to view the goods he believed he was purchasing.

The police boss explained that cases of this nature normally involve prolonged investigations, noting it can be a while before a breakthrough is reached.

Maphehpu advised citizens never to send money to people they do not know, adding it is safer, and indeed sensible, to view the goods, the company and owners in person before parting with any money.

Staying in Maphehpu’s jurisdiction, police are investigating an incident on Monday evening in which a 26-year-old woman from Nthane lands was reportedly raped by a knife-wielding man.

“The woman had gone to the bush alone at around 2000 hours. She encountered the man who pointed a knife at her before raping her. The suspect has not yet been arrested and remains on the run.

“We urge women not to go out alone during the night as they are vulnerable to such acts,” closed the mining town’s Station Commander.


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