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IT'S A LIE: Markus

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Markus defends wife in adultery allegations

Former Member of Parliament for Maun East, Konstantinos Markus, has defended his wife-Pearl Markus, rubbishing social media allegations that she slept with local musician, Chris Manto 7 at Maun lodge on April 16th.

Responding to the allegations on Thursday this week, Markus stated that he was in fact with his wife on that day.

“There is nothing like that. Pearl and I went to the cattle-post on the 16th and we only returned in the evening. I called Maun Lodge and they are equally shocked because this is not true!” Markus said, noting that they have reported the matter to Maun police and it appears Dennis Diwanga who is behind the posts, is a pseudonym.

Pearl’s phone was out of reach but Markus did explain that she was out of town and likely unreachable as she was helping with preparations for a relative’s wedding.

Nonetheless he said he suspects that some political rivals may be trying to destabilize his family by spreading lies on social media.

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“Political vendetta is written all over this, I can smell it. They are after me,” he added.

Yesterday, a certain, Given Diwanga posted in Maun Advertiser, that, “Kare mosadi wa mopalamente o jana le manto sebene mme le didimetse fela. Fa osa dumele botsa ngwanyana yo tsayang mogote fa Maun lodge,” translated, (So the member of Parliament’s wife and manto sebene are having each other but you are all quite about it. If you don’t believe me, ask the lady who records people’s temperatures at Maun lodge.”

Attached to the post is Pearl Markus picture.

In a second post Diwanga posted, “Dibuka tsa Maun Lodge di supa gore mosadi waga Markus o neh a robala le Manto 7 kadi 16 tsa ga April mo Maun Lodge. Kgantele ke tla a tla ke le bolelela gore neh ba dirisa room number mang. Ke a leboga,” loosely translated to mean, “Records at Maun Lodge show that Markus’s wife slept with Manto 7 on the 16th of April in Maun Lodge. Later today, I will tell you which room number they were using. I thank you.”

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