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ALL IS FORGIVEN: The Tsiangs were the picture of happiness as they remarried

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Married, divorced, re-married

Mass Media Boss goes back to First Wife Prophet TB Joshua Brought Back My Husband – First Wife

13 years after they divorced, a couple are willing to give love and marriage another go.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary for Information and Broadcasting, Oshinka Tsiang has shed many tears since his extramarital affair led to his divorce from Susan Tsiang back in 2008.

Although the 61-year-old eventually married his mistress, the relationship did not last. Unable to forget his first wife, within a year his new marriage was over.

On 31 July, Oshinka wept again but this time they were tears of joy as, 32 years after they first got married, the Tsiangs once again said ‘I do’.

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The couple originally met back in 1986 on a night out in Gaborone, with their attraction obvious from the very start. They were married three years later and have since had four children together: boys aged 31 and 26 as well as 19-year-old twins.

Narrating their topsy-turvy tale of love to The Voice this Monday Susan, 54, was quick to thank God for guiding her husband back to her.

STANDING BY HER MAN: Susan chose to take Oshinka back

The Tshidilamolomo native admits she was left heartbroken when Oshinka walked out of the matrimonial home for another woman back in 2006.

“Whenever he came to visit me and the children, we would be so upset when he left and I would beg him to stay. Later I realised I was being foolish and I stopped that habit of following him. Even so, it took me a long time before I removed my ring!” says Susan, adding that in 2009, a year after they put pen to paper and made the divorce official, a friend introduced her to the late Prophet TB Joshua’s church.

“I visited him at the Synagogue Church Of All Nations. He rebuked me for disobeying God and signing for divorce, telling me my marriage was from Heaven,” she remembers.

From that moment, even though it was technically over, Susan resolved not to give up on her marriage and waited patiently for Oshinka to return.

“I always prayed for my husband’s protection. I recall the time I was hurt after being phoned by the police that he was missing. He used to inform me about his trips, even when he went to check on the woman he married, though it was hurting me,” states Susan, bursting into laughter at the memory.

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For his part, Oshinka is quick to take the blame for the first break-up, noting things went wrong when he started cheating with another woman.

The Molepolole man would eventually father a little girl with the other woman and, by 2011, they were married.

It proved to be short lived.

“In my second marriage, things went wrong not because of the woman I married but because of the conviction. It haunted me, there was a lot of discomfort and as a Christian I realised I didn’t do things right, it did not give me peace to have divorced my first wife,” recollects the outspoken Oshinka, a born again Christian since 1992.

His new wife was also uneasy at Oshinka’s strong connection with Susan, who he would regularly check on.

In the end, the inevitable happened and the couple separated, with Oshinka again finding himself divorced in 2012.

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Now living alone and with his conscience clear, Oshinka immediately set about mending broken fences.

I\’LL DRINK TO THAT: Mr and Mrs Tsiang on their most recent wedding day

“That same year of divorce we planned to re-marry with my first wife. We re-established our relationship properly and formalised the remarriage on July 31st. When you are a child of God you don’t forsake fellowship. It wasn’t an easy thing to serve God when you knew something was wrong and also to return to the wife asking for forgiveness.”

Chuckling for a moment at his good fortune, the father-of-five then gets serious as he adds, “Sometimes pride comes on the way and you never guarantee that when you return home you will easily be accepted. It was really by God’s grace that I was accepted, I believe my family will be stronger than before.”

Saving a special ‘Thank You’ for the Almighty for helping him see the light, Oshinka, who like his wife is a member of Mogoditshane Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM), concludes, “When you did a mistake don’t ignore your conscious as it destroys someone’s future.

“When I divorced my wife everything was a mess. I could have money and end up not knowing how I spent it, even my livestock went astray. When you trust God guides you, forgiveness is the key to reconciliation.”

Although their children initially found it hard to accept their parent’s reconciliation, since the recent remarriage the couple have noticed a great change in their offspring.

Describing their second wedding day as perfect, they couple are confident that this time, it will be happily ever after!

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Meanwhile, the man who solemnized the Tsiangs remarriage, Mogoditshane AFM, Pastor Mmoloki Mogokgwane, explained that before couples can be reunited, they first have to be healed as individuals.

“After healing that’s when you can do reconciliation. Sometimes counselling will take long, like it took about eight years in counselling Tsiang’s family,” he said, advicing married couples intent on divorce to try a two-year separation period first.

Although this is the first official remarriage he has conducted in his church, Pastor Mogokgwane revealed there are two more coming soon.

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