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Multi media specialist

MULTIMEDIA MAN: Kegomoditswe

23-year-old Thebe Kegomoditswe from Selibe Phikwe is a self-employed multimedia practitioner building a brand popularly known as “Cyc Jouzy”.

He specializes in photography, videography and graphic design.

Multi media specialist
ON SET: Kegomoditswe hard at work

Kegomoditswe’s multimedia fate was sealed from a young age as he enjoyed drawing portraits of his classmates at primary school.

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“Then I got to do art at junior and senior secondary school, getting good grades for art only as compared to other subjects.”

Cyc Jouzy was once part of the Gospel Hip-hop group, God Gang, 4 years ago, which released two singles, Set me Free and King of Kings.

During those days the young man bore a childish face, not the one replete with beard he keeps rocking during the interview.

Kegomoditswe studied a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Multimedia at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where he graduated earlier this year.

“Since I also used to do music, we needed sleeve designs and video shoots from people who were insanely expensive. From there I started to do things myself. We could not deal with the prices, and when I received my first university living allowance I bought my first camera, it was P4, 000.”

Multi media specialist
CREATIVE MIND: Thebe Kegomoditswe

The Sefhophe native has worked with the likes of Vee Mampeezy on several projects including the music video for Dumalana.

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He has also worked with Orange, First National Bank Botswana (FNBB), and Chef Gustos having recently shot his music video, Zomporo which is currently awaiting release.

During challenging times for the business, Kegomoditswe is helped by branding his name into any work that he produces so that when income isn’t good in the one, he can comfortably change onto the other.

Cyc Jouzy takes pride in helping upcoming businesses as well as artists to break into the market.

“The future looks upbeat and promising but we must note that for the brand to grow bigger, it is my responsibility to take steps and make decisions that will get me there. You know, like collaborating on jobs I cannot do alone. I wish that a team of people could go for a production someday and say ‘We’re Cyc Jouzy’, you see?”

He concluded through bouts of laughter as he intimately shared with Voice Business how proud he would be if he weren’t involved in a production that has his name on it.

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