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No neighbourly love

HURT: Moirima Nyaza

X-rated insult lands woman in court

The famous biblical saying, ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ clearly hasn’t hit home with Nyaza and Patricia Pusoetsile.

The feuding Boseja ward neighbours appeared before Maun Customary Court last Friday over an insult uttered by 50-year-old Pusoetsile back in May 2019.

Nyaza, 38, dragged the older woman to court for making disparaging remarks about his mother’s private parts.

Recalling events that happened almost 21 months ago, Nyaza revealed, “We met on the street, she was holding her toddler grandson by hand and she just said, ‘don’t bump on me’. I told her that I had no intention to bump on her since there was plenty of room for me to pass without bumping onto her.”

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According to the lanky Nyaza, his mild-mannered reply sparked a torrent of verbal diarrhea from Pusoetsile.

“She responded by saying, ‘since you started staying in a three-bedroom house you are too full of yourself, yet you used to stay in a one-room house, your mommy’s Pu**y!’”

Although he was hurt by his neighbour’s vulgarity, Nyaza told court he kept his calm and refused to be provoked into a street brawl, instead reporting the matter to the police.

When court queried why a seemingly straightforward common nuisance case had taken almost two years to reach them, Special Constable Seoketso explained that initially Nyaza did not show interest in pursuing the matter.

“He only returned to the police to resuscitate the matter last year between September and October,” continued the Police Investigator.

It appears Nyaza’s desire to rekindle the matter came after Pusoetsile opened an assault case against him – a case which is yet to go to court.

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In her defence, although she admitted she and Nyaza do not see ‘eye-to-eye’ – a statement Nyaza confirmed – Pusoetsile denied insulting her younger neighbour.

“I never said those vulgar words he is accusing me of. He is creating them. He knows very well that me and him have not been on talking terms for the past five years.”

The grandmother further described her accuser as a ‘trouble maker’ who hates her and has no friends in the neighbourhood.

Hitting back, Nyaza claimed that roughly five years ago, Pusoetsile used to frequent his yard to borrow small sums of money from him.

“I never stepped in her yard. She is the one who always came to my house,” he said.

In the end, despite protesting her innocence, the Customary Court found Pusoetsile guilty as charged, and slapped her with a two-month prison term wholly suspended for four months. The quarreling duo could find themselves in court again soon, this time with roles reversed, in the assault case.

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