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No to politicisation of the civil service

NKANGE MP: Never Tshabang

I am not shocked nor surprised because Lesaso is trying to make himself relevant to the BDP- Mmolotsi

Member of Parliament for Shoshong, Aubrey Lesaso this week in response to State of the Nation address suggested that that high positions within government should be reserved for Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members so that they can push the ruling party’s Reset Agenda.

He said, “The second part of the RESET Agenda is to align Botswana Government machinery to the Presidential agenda. I am of the opinion that, for us to align the mandate of the governing party to the manifesto that the party is elected to fulfil, we need top civil servants that are politically orientated to implement the party programmes that we were elected on. A system closer to the American system, so that when we fail as a Government, we fail together and we are removed with those who were given the mandate to implement.

“We cannot just find jobs for others when they are not with us. I believe that top civil servants employed in the Government of the day must take responsibility as the political leadership of the day. Otherwise, every five years we look back to the people who have a mandate to rule and develop, and that we will not fulfill our mandate from the manifesto that we presented. If the civil service has a plan in the development that goes parallel with the development plans that the party or Government of the day has, we will never achieve the mandate that we are given by the people.”

The controversial statement received mixed reactions from Members of Parliament with some members of the ruling party not supporting him. The Voice Journalist, DANIEL CHIDA follows up with some of the members of the house.

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Never Tshabang – MP for Nkange

If that should be done, we must change our electoral system and accommodate a new system where the president brings his own team.

At the moment the Civil service is supposed to be apolitical, so legislation must change.

But Lesaso submission lacked these aspects, therefore it must be viewed as a just a BDP vanguard making a case for BDP activists to be rewarded with top posts without merit and due diligence.

The way he put it will kill the country.

Goretetse Kekgonegile- MP for Maun East

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Politicizing public service has deteriorated South African economy and continues to seriously harm United States of America given that USA is moving back and forth.

Experts in different fields not just administrators who happen to be party cardholders must lead public service.

Quality of our public service has deteriorated to the lowest productivity levels in Southern Africa.

Adding politics will drown the country socially and economically resulting in permanent divisions between citizens created by principle of, “You are either with us or not”. I think Lesaso was just marking himself present in the. “reset agenda empty talk”.

Public service needs good governance, decentralization and autonomy of districts in decision-making and implementation of projects and freeing it from corrupt politicians influence.

Thapelo Matsheka- MP for Lobatse and also Minister of Infrastructure and Housing development

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The civil service has historically remained apolitical and is expected to serve the government of the day.

They are expected to translate the mandate of an elected government into promises made during the campaign for political office.

It should not be possible that political leadership should feel frustrated by lack of commitment from top civil servants. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Baratiwa Mathoothe – MP for Serowe North

I don’t think it’s a good statement especially coming from the MP of the ruling party.

People should not be hired based on their party affiliation or when employed should be the members of the ruling party.

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Eseng jalo lefatshe ga le kake la thabologa corruption will raise and there will be danger to democracy.

Carter Hikuama- MP for Ngami

Is an irresponsible statement from a politically confused politician, who thinks Botswana belongs to the BDP and its followers?

Botswana is for all its citizens. But I am neither shocked nor surprised because he is trying to make himself relevant to the BDP.

Imagine that coming from someone who went to parliament on the strength of the UDC, an opposition party.

Wynter Mmolotsi – MP for Francistown South

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The statement made by Lesaso implies that we should politicise the public service and this is very unfortunate.

The politicization of the public service will mean that constituencies under the opposition and opposition members of parliament will suffer.

The current system is fine because public service employees serve the nation without considering their political parties and this in itself is a stabilizer.

Yandani Boko-MP for Mahalapye East

I am tempted to think that what he put forward was not made with any degree of seriousness.

If he did then it is unfortunate. What does he mean by, “Ba sena le rona”?
Why is he mixing public service with politics? Shouldn’t people be given positions based on meritocracy?

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I am not surprised though; BDP has been rewarding its loyalists with top positions.

They now want to sanitize their evil deeds. As for me I don’t know what has happened to Lesaso.

Onneetse Ramogapi- MP for Palapye.

I totally disagree with the statement because civil servants according to public service act should not be partisan, or actively involved in politics unless they pursue their agenda fighting for their rights as per trade unions.

Opposition has been complaining that the BDP is using public funds to award its members, this is wrong and we have never seen it before.

We never had Posts of Chief of Staff and Ambassador at large, why now?

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The trend now goes to the holy institutions like judiciary, which should never be politicized.

We want a clear policy on appointment of judges, how they are chosen.

Dikgosi are also appointed on political lines and this is a clear sign that our democracy has gone to the dogs, we should all stand up and reject this dictatorship style of the BDP.

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