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Kabelo Adamson

Kromberg workers told to wait for mediation date at Labour

Over 2, 000 disgruntled Kromberg & Schubert employees, who temporarily downed tools in a peaceful but powerful demonstration on Monday, have been told to wait for a date to be set for arbitration with their employer.

In scenes broadcast live across the country, the entire Kromberg workforce refused to go to work in protest against poor working relations with management.

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Finances were also highlighted as a concern, with some workers claiming to have been paid just P218. 47 for the month of June.

With their grievances registered with the Department of Labour, the unhappy workers have been told to wait for the mediation process at the Labour department.

UPSET: Demonstration by Kromberg & Schubert employees

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues during the demonstrations, which lasted from early morning until mid-day, Kabo Johane revealed their complaints with company management date back six years; Covid-19 has simply exacerbated matters.

“We are trying to raise our issues as Kromberg workers towards management. We have a lot of issues which we have long raised but have not been addressed,” explained Johane, adding that since the outbreak of Covid-19 workers were only getting a slither of their basic salaries.

However, Johane stressed their actions were not aimed at fighting the organisation – responsible for producing specialised wiring systems for the automotive industry – but to get management to listen to their complaints.

“We are not fighting, we want to have a conversation with management, ask them questions and get the answers,” said the agitated Johane, who revealed the workers’ complaints are mainly over poor working relations and unsatisfactory working conditions.

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“It always makes things easier if we could sit down as both employees and the employer so that we can iron out any impeding issue,” he concluded hopefully.


Meanwhile, Head of Labour Inspection at the Department of Labour, Tshenolo Ratshosa advised the employees to follow the right procedures to have their grievances addressed.

Moreover, he pointed out it was unlawful for the employees to engage in industrial actions as it is prohibited by the current State of Emergency regulations.

Ratshosa said since the matter has been taken to the labour department, the workers should wait for a date to be set for mediation to take place between the warring parties.

If a resolution is not reached, they are advised to approach the Industrial Court.

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