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Police launch 60 days of action



In a bid to save lives over the Christmas holidays, Botswana Police Service launched their ‘60 Days of Action on Crime and Road Safety’ campaign in Tonota on Thursday.

The nationwide initiative runs from 1 November to 31 December and is an annual operation that dates back to 2011.

Speaking at the launch, Commissioner of Police, Keabetswe Makgophe explained the campaign is meant to ensure a safe and secure festive season for all Batswana.

He warned that while festive is supposed to be a time of celebration and peace, criminals take advantage of the season to rob and defraud innocent citizens of their valuable properties.

“The business community suffers even more losses to armed robbers. I urge businessman to insert alarms at their businesses and hire security officers,” Makgophe advised.

The top cop listed increased incidents of gender based violence, drug abuse and serious crime as other issues of concern during the festive period.

“We are keeping a close eye on those who beat women. Women are being assaulted, losing their lives at the hands of those who claim to love them. We are going to make sure such matters are taken to court.”


He revealed that to date, police had recorded 255 murder cases, over 100 of which were passion killings.

“So far we have recorded 1, 700 rape cases and 600 defilement cases which is very worrisome.

“Everyone who has sex with an underage minor will face the wrath of the law. And a parent who protects the man who defiled their daughters because of plastic bags of food and money they receive will be also charged with the defiling man,” Makgophe declared, before encouraging pastors to preach road safety as well as warning their congregation of the evils of rape and killings.

Turning his attention to road safety, Makgophe revealed that so far 389 people had died in road accidents this year. In 2018 the death toll stood at 462, while the year before saw 444 fatalities and 450 in 2016.

For her part, Botswana National Youth Council Board Member, Gorata Mubu urged the public to resist using cell phones when driving.

“A cell phone diverts a driver’s attention. The other thing youth gets excited of driving without licences. It is very dangerous as they end up causing accidents.

“I plead with the Commissioner to look at the point of putting white crosses where people died so it becomes a remembrance,” said Mubu.

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Block 8 nurse challenges Covid-19 test results



A nurse who allegedly tested positive of Covid-19 during the emergency parliament session has given the Ministry of Health and Wellness up to next week Tuesday to respond to his legal demands as he believes that the test results were fake.

The victim, Morobi Dinao, a nurse at Block 8 Gaborone has made demands that the ministry give him signed results by the person who carried out the laboratory tests.

Dinao was diagnosed at a special parliament sitting in April, his supposed positive results leading to all MPs and those who attended the session to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

According to legal documents from Ndadi law firm, the 37-year-old nurse was admitted at Sir Ketumile Masire Teaching Hospital on the 9th of April after he was told he tested positive.

On the 13th he demanded to see his results but was sent from pillar to post and the hospital could not give him the results.

He kept on demanding his results and on the 19th of April he was shown the results through his glass door from outside by one Dr Feledi.

Dinao allegedly asked for a copy of the results but the Doctor said he would revert to him after consulting with his superiors.

He was given his results when he was discharged on the 24th of April.

There was no explanation of the results and the document was also not signed hence the suspicion that they were not authentic.

Some of the things that made him suspicious, he says, are that the specimen submission form that carries his results is markedly from the one he completed on the day of tests.

He says the form does not have the laboratory personnel signature portion yet the one he duly completed had it.

The demands are that MOH should give an account of the delay of initial results.

Dinao’s lawyer, Uyapo Ndadi, told The Voice Online that they are awaiting response to their client’s demands before they can take the next step.

“I do not understand how a doctor can seek for his superior’s permission to give a patient his own results. How do you get admitted without seeing your results and told we are following the instructions to admit you? A lot is questionable in the whole scenario,” said Ndadi.

Ndadi further said he’ll await his client’s instruction before considering any court action.

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No water supply in Maun this weekend

*Main water pipe raptured at Nxaraga

*70% water supply shut down for maintenance work



Most parts of Maun and surrounding areas are expected to experience a dry spell this weekend as the Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) cuts water supply for the next two days.

The department’s head of business, Thabo Ndadi, explained that seventy percent supply of water in and around Maun will be shut down to allow for maintenance of main water pipe to the area.

“This week we discovered that our main water pipe that brings in water from Kunyere boreholes has raptured and thus unable to adequately supply water,” explained Ndadi.

Ndadi further confirmed that they started noticing the leak last month but avoided tempering with it as it was during the lockdown and when the country had just reported first cases of the killer Covid-19 disease.

“Our hope and prayer was that the leak would not become so bad before the end of the COVID-19 state of emergency, but the water pressure has gone down and therefore we have to fix the problem and we cannot do it without temporarily cutting the flow,” added Ndadi.

Seventy percent of water supply in Maun is from boreholes along Kunyere river in Nxaraga area, while the other two boreholes in Shashe and Sexaxa make up the remaining thirty percent.

“This effectively means Maun will be running with a seventy percent water shortage and we are pleading with members of the community to use water with extra care,” Ndadi added.

In fact some areas will go dry for over 24 hours and WUC has advised people to store water for weekend use today because from tomorrow, taps will be completely dry. “Many other homes will get water way beyond the 24 hours, because after maintenance the water has to make a long journey to reach the taps, for some it will take 48 hours or so. In fact the whole recovery process takes seven days so, it may be practically impossible to complete the recovery within 24 hours.”

Meanwhile Thamalakane river has started to fill up, but the WUC water treatment plant in Borolong is yet to start pumping water from the river as they have to wait for at least a month for the water “to be of better quality to be processed for consumption. Right now the water volume is still low for such an exercise but the plant is ready to start operations. Already we have begun testing the water for quality and it not yet where we want it to be,” Ndadi said.

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