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Reacxion faces jail time

Reacxion faces jail time

IN TROUBLE: Tlamelo Joseph

Local entrepreneur in the creative industry Tlamelo Joseph, 28,is likely to go to jail.

Joseph, also known as Reacxion is on the run from the Deputy Sheriffs after his former partner, Temogo Mbereki successfully sued him for an event called Mahalapye Braai Fest, which they organized together in 2016.

According to the court order, Reacxion is supposed to pay a sum of P10 000.00, an interest thereon at a rate of 10% per annum from October 2016 to date of final payment and the costs of the suit.

In an interview with Voice Entertainment this week, Reacxion said he started from humble beginnings with Mbereki trying to make a living for themselves.

“I grew up with Mbereki hustling together back in 2010, and our lives improved. We decided to put up a show called Mahalapye Braai Fest together in 2016 but it flopped, and he pulled back.

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However, the following year I pushed the event alone and it became successful. Mbereki then demanded a ‘cut’ of the proceeds but I refused to share because I honestly believe it was wrong of him to do that, but he served me with a lawsuit,” Reacxion explained

He said he then worked hard collaborating with several local artists as a solo entrepreneur to build the brand.

“On top of the few events such as Childline Sports and Dance for Fitness in 2015, Chill step Sundays from 2015 to 2017 and Bomaid UP Kgale Charity Event in 2016 and 2017 that I organized, I also managed to work with various local artists such as ATI, KEB and Amanandos just to mention a few,” said Reacxion.

According to Reacxion, Mbereki is a bitter ex business partner

“He is jealous that I succeeded solo. The sheriffs recently contacted me. I am facing jail time which I believe I do not deserve,” he explained in despair.

When reached for comment, Mbereki said, “This issue is between me and Reacxion, and I prefer to settle it with him without publicizing it.”

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