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HOT SPOT: the notorious bus stop opposite BURS INSET: Detective Sethatho

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Rising smash and grab incidents worry police

Old Naledi Police have expressed concern over rising cases of smash and grab in the area.

The incidents are said to be mostly prevalent at the traffic lights and bus stops.

Speaking to The Voice Online, Old Naledi Police Officer-In-Charge, Crime Investigation Department (CID) Thalinah Sethatho said last Thursday they registered nine cases in just one day.

She said the crime hot spots are always dotted with a group of men waiting for cars and public transport to drop off people at the bus stop.

“Areas where these incidents occur are old BURS traffic lights and bus stop, Water Affairs traffic lights and Seabelo traffic lights. This is where pick-pocketing and smash and grab incidents mostly occur. These criminals break car windows at the traffic lights and steal people’s valuables like cellphones and money. They steal even during the day. Sometimes they target women passengers, snatch their handbags through a combi window at old BURS bus stop. It is a group of five men terrorising the public. These criminals are keeping the police on their toes,” said Sethatho

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Sethato said just recently, they attacked courier company driver and stole clients parcels. She pleaded with the public and motorists to be extra careful



  1. Ms T

    06/07/2021 at 08:48

    Because you know that its happening why are not taking steps, you can catch the, if you like the problem is you dont want to do it and it seems you know its five men take action please

    • s bango

      07/07/2021 at 20:10

      you know them but you are just lazy

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