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Sasa Klass helicopter crash mysteries

>Were there four people in the chopper or were they two?

>Accident report will be ready before anniversary

>Family divided over private investigation

Three months after the fatal helicopter crash that killed the queen of rap music Sasa Klass, Government is yet to complete investigations into the tragic accident.

This week investigators into the matter revealed to this publication that they will wrap up their probe before March next year.

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Born Sarona Motlhagodi, Sasa Klaas met her demise on 5 March in a freak crash that shocked the country and raised many unanswered questions.

“The Ministry is working around the clock to complete investigations prior to the anniversary of the occurrence. The investigations are still on-going, and the Ministry has made significant progress in gathering facts so far,” said the Ministry of Transport and Communication in a statement responding to a questionnaire from this publication.

The Ministry further stated that once investigations are complete they will make recommendations to the relevant authorities should the need arise.

“Investigations by nature requires collaboration and consultation with relevant entities to be successful and if there are any recommendations, they are passed to the appropriate entities for action,” the ministry stated.

However rumours of the involvement of a top ruling party goon in the accident have refused to die down.

This week an indignant source close to the family insisted that just like the initial CAAB report had indicated, there were four people in the helicopter at time of the crash.

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CAAB had told The Voice in an interview on March 06th that there were four people involved in the accident but later released a statement to clarify that they had made a mistake by counting the herdboy and another guy who was found at the scene but was not involved in the accident.

CAAB further stated that contrary to what they were made to believe initially, there were only two people in the aircraft.

The source was however this week adamant that, “There were indeed four people in that helicopter-there were the two that have been confirmed, and then there were also a BDP top goon and another female.”

“Why do you think her phone record was deleted? It is because there was a trail of who she talked to. The phone record also showed who had sent her money and it was the BDP goon,”the source alleged.

Meanwhile family efforts to institute private investigation have since been thwarted due to internal differences.

“Some family members wanted the private investigation but the other side decided to let law enforcement deal with the matter. So they have since backed off on the private investigation issue,” the source further revealed.

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Last week The Voice sent questions to the late rapper’s family and they had promised to respond but later decided to ignore follow up calls.

The Voice had sought to find out if the family had indeed instituted private investigation and what was the status of the investigation.

The Voice had also sought to find out any recent feedback Government has given to the family if any.

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