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Botswana Democratic Party’s Deputy Secretary General, Shaw Kgathi has warned his party members to desist from campaigning for central committee positions before campaign season starts.

In an interview with The Voice, the former Minister of Defence, Justice and Security said that those who have been already speaking openly positioning themselves ahead of others have violated the BDP code of conduct.

“The spirit and intent of the code of conduct is to ensure that there is peace and civility in the party to allow all those who are in office performing those functions to do them without disturbance. Those who continue to violate the code of conduct need to be called to order as our primary concern as BDP is to reconstruct and unite the party.”

Although Kgathi is the incumbent DSG, the former Member of Parliament for Bobonong has been quiet, leaving people guessing as to whether he would seek another term in the CC or not.

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Some have postulated that Kgathi was weighing his options and considering challenging for the Secretary General position currently held by the Minister of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development, Mpho Balopi.

However, Kgathi refused to be drawn into that discussion, arguing that it would be violating the same code of conduct he is supposed to uphold.

“I cannot violate the code of conduct that I will have to later have to enforce once I assume that party office by doing an early and unauthorized campaign.” Kgathi said without explaining what measures the party was going to take against offenders.

Meanwhile a number of BDP members vying for CC positions continue to canvas for support unencumbered, especially social media.

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