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Stop it!

Stop it!

It seems some people in Maun need to be told to stop their behaviour of crowding along the river and flouting Covid-19 regulations.

Shaya has been following the excitement on the flooding of the Thamalakane River but precautionary measures as stipulated in the Covid-19 regulations should be followed or people may find themselves locked back in their homes again.

The public should prove that they are responsible and do not need to be watched all the time.

I hope this warning reaches you, sooner rather than later!


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ray Winfield

    June 18, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    Believe me, this irresponsible behaviour is happening EVERYWHERE! In the UK people have met in parks and on the street in numbers, moved on by police patrols and come straight back again. The young especially seem not to think it applies to them despite some distressing video footage of patients last minutes in hospital, pleading with the public to take it seriously. Numerous government officials and public health advisers have been sacked or resigned when caught travelling hundreds of miles to visit family and of course the most famous trip of all was by Dominic Cummings the private adviser to Boris Johnson British Prime Minister.

    People need to look back to 1914-18. Back then World War 1 was raging at a huge cost of life, but it’s not often known that the outbreak of Spanish Flu killed more people than the conflict itself. Recent studies have now proved that between 80 – 100 MILLION people died of this terrible sickness.
    If the Covid 19 virus was as deadly as that we would be seeing the army on the streets maintaining a strict control of movement to avoid an even bigger death toll with modern air travel moving millions around the globe.

    We can only hope that governments around the world see the sense in enforcing real lockdowns in order to finish this virus off.

    In the mean time the real culprits, China should be punished in the International courts for wrecking people’s lives and national economies.

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