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Style lessons from the most stylish men
Style lessons from the most stylish men


Style lessons from the most stylish men

Suit your style!

Should I do a top 10 of Botswana’s most best dressed men, formidable Radio and TV host, Resego Motlhokathari will definitely make the coveted list.

He has a definitive suit style that is the blue print,that transcends all seasons.

It’s no surprise that I asked him about men style wardrobe because his style is a 10 in the neat and impeccable categorization, and he always puts his best foot forward in a timeless way.

Redefine your style with his expert style tips.

Follow him on instagram @rmotlhokathari and on facebook at Resego Motlhokathari.

Style lessons from the most stylish men

KNOW YOURSELF -Genuine style icons know that you dress to express and not impress.

1. What should you not comprise on fashion wise?

Firstly I would say never compromise on shoes, di tla go bolaya gore o batle go nna faatshe all day.

Also never compromise your personality by wearing what you feel is cool at the time because you will never feel comfortable within that space.

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Just be you!

2. What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most on a budget?

For me it is usually a suit and shoes to go well with the suit.

Some shoe cuts will not go well with the design or color of the suit therefore will need to invest on buying another pair.

3. A style tip on how to make a first impression to a job interview?

One thing you need to know is that what you wear defines you and says a lot about your character before someone engages with you.

For me, play is safe by having the wearing the following basics:

• Suit; solid color such as black, gray or blue
• Long-sleeved shirt that is white or color coordinated with the suit
• A professional hairstyle
• Little or no jewelry
• Generally look clean and fresh

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NB: for other professions that do not require a suit, ensure that you put on neutral colors, well tucked in shirt and look presentable.

Style lessons from the most stylish men

STICK TO THE CLASSICS- A basic shirt can be made to look expensive if it’s well-pressed and crisp clean.

5. Name 5 must have items that should always be in a gentleman’s closet.

• Tailored Suit
• Watch
• Lace-Up formal shoes
• Neutral Jacket- the one that goes well with many colors so you use it as a backup plan in most cases (Usually black)
• White shirt and or black shirt- stays winning all the time

4. Any style advice for the gents?

Find your personal style, what you feel comfortable in.

The most simple way of making any item of clothing look amazing on you is to make sure your clothes fit perfectly; not too lose and not too tight.

Style lessons from the most stylish men

ALL IN THE DETAILS – Timelessness is about simple design and all the more so with a suit rotation lets you create a wealth of smart formal looks.

You need to also learn how to balance proportions, that is wear something that fits and suits your body shape.

Lastly never be afraid to play with color, gone are the days where pop of color was for ladies only.


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