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All posts tagged "DJ Fresh"

Celeb edition Celeb edition


After months on the sidelines, this week Celeb Edition returns ‘with a bang’ as they say. The column makes up for lost time as...

La Prie takes prime spot La Prie takes prime spot


Tshepo Nseula, better known as La Prie, will be the main act this Saturday at The United House Party. The Ramotswa born Disk Jockey...

Things they say Things they say


“This is all so weird, having to explain myself about a person I don’t even know!!!!” DJ Fresh responding to rape allegations

Downtime with DJ Duece Downtime with DJ Duece


Having cut his teeth in the barracks for over a decade, Duncan Mmeshe swapped his rifle for the decks, moving to South Africa in...

DJ Easy vs Fresh DJ Easy vs Fresh


Whatever beef there is between two legends of the entertainment industry, DJ Fresh and Easy B needs to be resolved ASAP. The duo command...