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The drive-in social experience

The drive-in social experience

A young Francistowner, Comfort Theo Mbotho of DayWalker Entertainment is planning to take advantage of the ‘new normal’ era to introduce an innovative concept for fun-lovers called the Drive-in Social Experience.

“It’s re-imagining the iconic drive-in cinema with a touch of live performances, using state-of-the-art technology to present a socially distanced cinematic and live act experience to enjoy from the comfort of your car,” he explained.

Mbotho says the scope for drive-in programming is enormous, as revelers can pre-order food and drink or order remotely at the event and have it delivered to their vehicles.

According to the youngster, the concept, which has been embraced in other parts of the world, will be the largest provider of outdoor and pop-up entertainment in Botswana.

Grooving will be watching this one develop with a keen eye!


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