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THE LATE: Ginimbi's 'will' is being contested


The good, the bad and the ugly

As I scratched my head while trying to pick a topic for this week, I thought to myself, why not write about almost everything that is trending.

There might not be much breaking news but there is so much happening in the country which makes it difficult to focus on one topic in particular.

And of course there is bad news and good news, though we always seem to have more of the former.

Then there is news that is just of interest, news that has no bearing on our lives but we still find interest in them.

Well, the good news is that maize output is expected to more than triple this year following a very good rainy season.

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Maize is our staple food so when there is plenty of it, it brings joy to millions of Zimbos.

The country endured severe droughts in the past two years, resulting in hunger and starvation in many households.

But this year it truly is a year of plenty as 2.8 million tonnes of maize are expected to be harvested.

ROYAL MESS: Harry and Meghan talk to Oprah (Source: The Guadian UK)

As some would say, as long as there is sadza (paleshe) in the house, everything else seems to fall into place!

Sadly though, while most of us are celebrating the bumper harvest, thousands of villagers in Chiredzi in the Masvingo province are having sleepless night.

This is because the regime seeks to evict them from their ancestral lands to make way for a white commercial farmer who intends to grow lucerne grass to feed his dairy cattle.

There is a huge outcry over this, not only because it would be a clear violation of these villagers’ rights but also because it would be a huge step back as far as land reform programme is concerned.

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Surely President Emmerson Mnangagwa must re-think his position of wanting to displace more than 10, 000 families for the sake of one farmer.

Hopefully the opposition, civic rights groups and other interested parties will rise and put a stop to this.

Now onto other news. A High Court judge this week halted the processing of Genius Ginimbi Kadugure’s estate following the family’s concerns that the will presented is fake as it is not signed.

It’s not clear yet on who stands to most benefit from the said will but it’s clearly not the siblings and his father as they are the ones contesting the will.

The late rich socialite, who was single, died in a freak car accident in November. He had properties in South Africa and Botswana where he had invested in fuel and gas trading.

Ginimbi stayed at his palatial mansion in Domboshava just outside Harare and owned several expensive supercars including a Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari and a Lamborghini.

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Oh yah, then there is the Prince Harry-Meghan interview with Oprah which is dominating the international stage. It’s also being much talked about this side.

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