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The plot thickens

Land dispute lands elder in court

A complex feud dating back to 2003 involving an aging traditional healer, a disputed plot and an angry widow, landed before Mogoditshane Customary Court last week.

81-year-old David Rakhane is adamant Khutsafalo Mosweu falsely obtained his plot in Gakuto, forging documents while he was away in South Africa to acquire the land, which includes a two-roomed house, for just P4, 000.

Mosweu on the other hand, insists her late husband legally bought the plot from one Monthusi Sekonopo (who has since passed away) 18 years ago.

She is demanding the old man change the name on the plot certificate to hers.

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“When I started staying in that plot I was told that Rakhane stays in South Africa. Later when I asked him to change the plot certificate names to my names that’s when he said the plot belongs to him. As for now, I have all the relevant documents including the original plot certificate,” explained Mosweu, who has been living at the disputed plot since 2003.

“I used to call him to assist me change the certificate, now he denies everything,” she continued bitterly.

In his evidence, Rakhane insisted the land was not Sekonopo’s to sell.

“Me and Sekonopo had known each other for a long time. I only offered him accommodation to stay in my house that he could care for his goats in Gakuto. I am concerned that my plot was sold and the documents were certified before Mogoditshane police while there are police officers at Gakuto,” mumbled the visibly distressed elder.

According to an affidavit produced before court, Rakhane had agreed to give Sekonopo the plot and even handed him its certificate.

Reacting in shock to this, the illiterate Rakhane said it was his first time to hear of the affidavit, insisting he had never written or signed any such document.

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Speaking to The Voice outside court, the stressed elder voiced his suspicions that the paperwork was forged, further reiterating he does not know how to read or write.

“I recently started learning at Thuto Gaegolelwe in Metsimotlhabe. Since they had my Omang card I suspect they wrote the affidavit as if it was me. I have known Sekonopo as a leader of Dingaka Association, he asked me to accommodate him around 2003 so that he could move his goats from Tlokweng to Gakuto,” Rakhane said, who was working in the mines in South Africa at the time.

“It happened that when I went to South Africa I only took my passport and left my bag which contained all my documents including Omang and all my plots certificates. So Sekonopo found that bag in my house. Up to today, that bag is missing with all my documents. The plot certificate that Mosweu is in possession off, it was stolen from my bag in my absence,” maintains Rakhane, wiping away bitter tears with a dirty handkerchief.

He further revealed he has other plots in Mmankgodi and Kgagodi, which he had approached Land Board officials to issue him copies of certificates to replace the missing ones.

“As for now I even stopped any form of transfer of plots in my names at Land Board, there is too much magic in this case!”

Court viewed the disputed plot this Monday and are expected to make a decision in the case soon.

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