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Therego’s red mist




Therego’s red mist

A PRO at the Ministry of Investment, Trade, and Industry, Mpho Therego should invest in controlling his temper!

The Public Relations Officer brought early morning traffic to a standstill in GC this week.

Annoyed at what he perceived as reckless driving, Therego reportedly retaliated by blocking in the offending vehicle, making sure it could not go anywhere.

Now Shaya has witnessed many road rage deaths over the years and the way Therego was apparently fuming, the incident could easily have spiraled out of control.


Fortunately, the other driver kept calm, or else who knows what could have happened!

‘Redman’, as Therego is known in the government enclave, must be well aware that obstructing other road users is an office.

Additionally, he sometimes acts as Private Secretary to the Minister – it would be unfortunate to see the Minister’s name being soiled by such antics.


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