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Social Media Round UP!

Was DJ Dimplez raped?

South African DJ and producer, DJ Dimplez, recently released a statement announcing he intends to take legal action against a woman named Kinky over a drunken sex scandal.

In a leaked recording, Kinky claims DJ Dimplez wanted to sleep with her but got increasingly drunk through the night. She maintains she fell pregnant after having sex with Dimplez despite him not being coherent enough to give consent.


Social media were quick to condemn Kinky and voice their support for the music man.

“If this was a man doing this to a woman everyone would want him thrown under the jail,” noted one comment.

“This girl is admitting to raping DJ Dimplez, not getting a morning-after pill after being sent the money then expecting him to be responsible for the baby? She’s admitting herself he was ‘super drunk’ to a point where he even got his cards blocked, that’s rape,” declared another commenter.
We will wait to see how this one plays out!

Prince Kaybee vs Cassper Nyovest

South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest, was scheduled for a celebrity boxing match with a longtime rival, AKA.

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However, given AKA’s recent troubles, Cassper has decided to look elsewhere for a challenge.

Up stepped Prince Kaybee, boldly declaring, “I’ve been waiting to hear you up!”

DJ-Kaybee-&-Cassper-Nyovest (L-R)

It seems a new rivalry has indeed been ignited as the two are now going back and forth hyping up their potential bout, with fans already taking sides.

“I think Cassper’s height will be a disadvantage. Kaybee should win,” stated one budding sports analyst.

“I would love so much for Cassper to shut Prince Kaybee up once and for all,” hit back a pro-Cassper comment.

The dates are yet to be announced for this battle of egos but we will stay tuned.

May 29th

When the nation decides to come together for a good time, they make sure it happens.

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All around the country people were celebrating the 29th of May, but many didn’t understand why.

It was a day of secret sessions at secret locations.

“What on earth is happening on the 29th? Can someone fill me in! Maybe we are missing out on government initiatives,” queried one puzzled onlooker.

“My neighbour, a chief partier, threw an entire street bash last night. 1 am, 3 police cars and a military truck took everyone. I guess they were released but here they are starting again,” reads an interesting narration.

I’m sure the police had a busy day this past weekend!

Chelsea Champions League champs

One of the bigger, readily advertised events of 29th May was the final of the UEFA Champions League.

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Widely regarded as the biggest club game in football, the match saw Chelsea emerge as the unexpected winner, defeating the mighty Manchester City by a goal to nil.

CHAMPIONS: Kante holding the Champions League trophy

The score-line sent social media into meltdown, with elation and despair emotions that featured heavily.

“This only proves we are the biggest club in London by far,” declared one overjoyed Chelsea fan, while a more subdued review read, “Now we have to suffer the noise of Chelsea fans all year!”

Although the result divided fans, there was a unanimous show of support for Chelsea’s French midfielder, N’golo Kanté.

“I don’t like Chelsea football club, but I love N’Golo Kanté,” summed up one comment, a remark echoed by many. “That guy is worth a billion. It’s impossible to sell him. That guy has to stay for the rest of his life at Chelsea. That guy was absolutely a monster,” gushed another fan.

French fire for Osaka

In a move that sent shockwaves across the tennis world, this week women’s world number two, Naomi Osaka, revealed she was withdrawing from the ongoing French Open.

The 23-year-old Japanese star, a four-time Grand Slam winner, explained she was dropping out to take time away from the sport.

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Osaka, who recently opened up about her battle with depression, further clarified she felt her stance of refusing to speak to the press after matches for mental health reasons had become a ‘distraction’ to other players.

Despite her obvious distress, social media gave mixed reactions to the issue.


“When you agree to become a professional athlete playing for exorbitant amounts of money, you realize you may have to do interviews. The same holds for actors, politicians, or anyone in the public eye. If you don’t like it then leave the profession,” blasted one dismissive comment.

A much more sympathetic response read, “Sports organizations will have to find a way to accommodate athletes with these types of issues if they want to be inclusive. Participating in press conferences isn’t an essential part of being a professional tennis player. This is shameful.”

We wish Osaka all the best and hope to see her on the court again soon.

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