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Was he murdered?

*”I’m ready to exhume body” Moswaane

* He wants us far from KG’s P7million”-MmaStan

Barely two weeks after his burial the families of the late son of Francistown West Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane and that of his girlfriend are fighting for his property.

The two families got embroiled in a bitter fight after Moswaane accused his son’s girlfriend Kgomotso Tshetlho and her mother, Area L Councillor, Lilian Griesmeir popularly known as MmaStan of property grabbing and looting his son’s estate.

Moswaane also expressed suspicions that his son could be a victim of homicide.

In an interview with The Voice on Wednesday afternoon, a visibly troubled Moswaane claimed that a day before his son, Kagiso Moswaane died, Tshetlho called him to let him know that her family had decided to provide a private doctor for him.

“The day before he died, my son told his girlfriend that he was injected by a suspicious-looking man who also gave him pills at 4am. He relayed this to his girlfriend and we’ve the text messages,” said the grieving father.

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The legislator further claimed that he had already reported a case of possible homicide to the police for investigations but Officer Commanding No.15 District, Senior Superintendent Kabo Badirwang denied any knowledge of such a case.

Undeterred by police denial of the case Moswaane said, “I’m serious about this. It’s a sensitive issue and I know that there’s a possibility that my son son’s body could be exhumed,” he said.

Expressing disappointment in Grismeir and her daughter’s conduct, Moswaane alleged that what the two women seemed to be concerned about above all else was “ property grabbing”.

“We’re still mourning, and all they are concerned about is the property and grabbing everything they can,” charged an animated Moswaane, adding that before locking them out of his son’s house in Tlokweng, the two had already grabbed house items at his house in Borolong.

“We only realised that they looted his houses three days after the funeral,” he said.

“I had never had any intention of closing my son’s girlfriend out, or evicting her from the house. In fact I had promised to give her a brand new car. All I’m asking for was to be given space to mourn and allow the family to follow due process as is customary,” pleaded Moswaane.

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Kgomotso and Kagiso embracing

Meanwhile, the lady at the receiving end of the MP’s anger has lambasted Moswaane as the last person to talk about property and assets grabbing, charging that the Mp was at the forefront of looting his own son’s estate.

“On the day that KG died, one of his brothers came to the yard to collect one of the deceased’s cars to be sold. We were all shocked that stuff was already being sold when KG’s body was still at a mortuary,” she said.

The former Alliance for Progressive Councillor who defected to the ruling party recently said, one of KG’s cousins later arrived and demanded keys to the car her daughter had used during her seven-year relationship with the late Kagiso.

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“There’s no way I’d treat KG like that because he treated my daughter well and took care of his kids,” she said.

Griesmeir told The Voice that the day he died, she was on the phone with the young Moswaane from 9pm to 04:44.

“He had complained that a certain doctor wanted to kill him. He even took a picture of the said doctor and sent it to me. He was given pills, which he spat out. He was convinced that someone wanted to kill him so, I stayed with him on the phone to cheer him up,” revealed Griesmeir.

She said allegations levelled against them totally caught them by surprise.

“Our shock came when he wrote a long letter to my daughter a day after the funeral telling her that they’ll be coming to the Tlokweng house to perform cleansing rituals and take everything in the house. Isn’t that eviction?” Griesmer asked rhetorically.

“He’s the one who’s grabbing stuff. My daughter and her kids, who are also KG’s kids, are now pedestrians because the Moswaane family took everything. In fact I think this noise from the MP is caused by the fact that when his son died he was still awaiting payment of about P7 million from one ministry, so he wants my daughter and KG’s children as far away from that money as possible, but I’m not worried, we’ll do everything by the book,” concluded Griesmeir.

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