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Woman marries a corpse



Residents of Chadibe, a small village approximately 25 kilometres west of Francistown witnessed an intriguing ceremony of undying love this past Sunday.

A woman looking forward to finalising her marriage nuptials had her dreams shattered when her husband-to-be died in a freak car accident just nine days before the wedding.

Hloniphani Jothi and Tate Uyapo Male Sibanda had planned to celebrate their wedding on November 23rd in Chadibe.

However, on November 14th at about 1400hrs, Sibanda, who was travelling alone from Sua Pan, had an accident between Mosetse and Kutamogoree after losing control of his car.

The Voice learnt that the deceased, who had also collected firewood for the wedding ceremony, was trying to avoid a goat when his car veered off the road and plunged into a ditch.

Determined to prove her undying love to her departed partner, Jothi agreed to go ahead with the marriage.

Dowry was paid by the family of the groom to complete the ceremony traditionally and the bride slipped a ring on her husband’s finger as he lay motionless in his coffin.

“It was a touching moment. A moment of true love because very few women would want to go ahead with the ceremony when the other party is no more,” said a witness who attended the funeral.

The wedding ceremony was held at the couples home on Saturday. Sibanda was buried the following day, leaving behind his heartbroken bride.

While the family is mum about what really transpired at the weekend, the unusual ceremony has set tongues wagging in the village.

“I had never in my lifetime seen bride’s and groom’s maids dressed in their best attire at a funeral.

“It depends on how you look at it. For some it was totally against the norm but for me it was an amazing story of love, of two people who refused to be separated by death,” said an observer.

Efforts to get a comment from the family were not successful. First they denied that there was a wedding ceremony on Saturday and later, the deceased’s brothers opted not to comment on the said allegations.

“We are in no position to comment on the said allegations,” was their short reply.

Although they deny it, the deceased’s funeral programme clearly shows that there were special messages from the bride’s and groom’s maids, who were part of the programme. The obituary also states that Sibanda is survived by his wife Hloniphani (nee Goth) Sibanda, seven children and two grandchildren.

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Your daughter is not yours




A cheated husband who unknowingly raised his brother- in- law’s child as his own for three years ended the marriage in court this week and demanded a refund.

Gilbert Tom, on Wednesday divorced Mpale Tom nee Roberts after DNA tests results revealed that that their last-born child was not biologically related to Tom. They had been married for 15 years.

Tom, 50, became suspicious that his wife was cheating in 2009 when his brother in-law got into the habit of dropping off Mpale at their house after work.

Mpale, 43, fell pregnant in 2016 and when the baby was born, her husband was shocked that the baby was a spitting image of his older sister’s husband.

He then launched his own investigations in Mpale’s phone where he found messages that confirmed his suspicions
Some text messages revealed that Mpale was so much in love with her brother -in -law that she was even prepared to bewitch her husband’s sister to get her out of the way.

After finding out for certain that he was raising a child who was not his, Tom served Mpale with divorce papers.

She did not contest the divorce and readily confessed in court that Tom was not the father of her three-year-old daughter.

Divorce was granted and Judge Gabanagae ordered that the child be excluded from Tom’s responsibilities.

WIFE: Mpale

However Tom went further and demanded that his brother- in- law and his ex- wife pay him costs of raising a child that was not his, which are to be determined by court at a later date.

According to a relative who refused to be named for fear of victimization Mpale and her brother-in law worked together at a mine in Toteng village in 2013 and the family suspects that was when the disgraced couple started the affair.

She said coincidentally in 2016 the two found another job and moved to Francistown together.

“These people were too deep. We never thought they could do that to their partners and we thought they just related well as family members and little did we know that they were dating. This is painful for both families and it is very unfortunate that an innocent child has now been caught in the middle,” said the concerned relative

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Mokubilo man accused of rape



Letlhakane Police are investigating an incident in which a 28-year-old man allegedly raped a 34-year-old woman in the early hours of Monday morning (25 November).

The lady was on her way to Mokubilo Clinic – walking from the lands – when she reportedly met her armed attacker.

Taking over the narrative, Letlhakane Station Commander, Michael Maphephu told The Voice, “She reported that the suspect threatened to stab her with a sharpened iron rod.

“The suspect was arrested on the same day and will appear before court as soon as the Magistrate returns from sick leave,” said Maphephu, adding he could not release the accused’s name until he appears in court.

The worried police boss revealed this was the 89th rape case registered in his jurisdiction since the start of the year.

Maphephu added that most incidents involved women returning home in the evening after drinking or walking alone in the bush.

“I urge people to always walk in groups when they come from the bars or ask for company from trusted people when using bushy roads,” advised the top cop.

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Letlhakane police swoop on suspected drug dealers



A Bobonong man was arrested last Tuesday after allegedly trying to sell villagers a suspicious substance believed to be cocaine.

Confirming the 24-year-old’s arrest, Letlhakane Station Commander, Michael Maphephu said, “The Mahumahibidu ward man was caught by members of the community when he was trying to sell to them.

“He was arrested around 1530 hours and found in possession of a substance suspected to be cocaine. The substance was contained in a small plastic sachet.”

In another drugs bust in Letlhakane, on Sunday cops swooped on a Francistown couple suspected to be dealing in the mining town.

CONFISCATED: Substances seized in F/town couple’s rented home

“The man aged 30 and his girlfriend 36 both from Francistown, Minestone were arrested at their rented house in Letlhakane. We suspect they were supplying to different people,” revealed Maphephu, adding this was the 38th drug-related arrest in his jurisdiction this year.

He warned those who sell drugs to refrain from such illegal behaviour as they are destroying lives.

“Drugs lead to one losing their mind and they even commit crimes like rape and murder under the influence of drugs,” noted the Station Commander.

The three suspects have since been released. The trio will appear in court as soon as the Magistrate returns from sick leave and the suspected drugs taken to the lab for forensic tests.

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