Woman’s disfigured corpse found dumped in Kgapamadi

Christinah Motlhabane

Witnesses describe body as half-naked and brutally wounded

Tatitown Police are on the hunt for a suspected killer(s) following the discovery of a young woman’s badly beaten, half-naked body, found dumped in the bush near Francistown’s Kgapamadi location on Wednesday (4 July) morning.

The corpse, which is said to have been fresh but severely wounded, was stumbled upon by two men while out fetching firewood.

Confirming the grisly discovery in a brief interview with The Voice, Tatitown Assistant Superintendent, Philip G Morake revealed the incident was reported at around 1135am.

“Our police officers rushed to the scene where they found the body of a lifeless woman. The body was then taken to Nyangabgwe Hospital where it was confirmed dead,” stated the police boss.

Although he was reluctant to go into detail, Morake said the body was in ‘a disturbing condition’, having sustained multiple cuts and bruises.

“The deceased was from Matsiloje and her family have been notified,” added the top cop, who pleaded with Batswana to come forward with any information that might lead to the killer(s) arrest.

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According to Morake, the woman was last seen alive on 28 July and it is thought she may have been murdered the next day. However, due to the recent cold weather, her body was not too decomposed.

Meanwhile, a source close to the case, who asked not to be named, told The Voice the dead woman was in a horrific state.

“Her face was a puffy mess, her nose badly broken and her eyes were destroyed. It was as if she’d been dragged along a rocky road,” said the source, shuddering as they spoke.

“She was only putting on a skirt, which was pulled up to her breasts,” the source further disclosed.

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