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A crumbling opposition
A crumbling opposition
UNDER SIEGE: Nelson Chamisa


A crumbling opposition

Divided they fall

I have been determinedly ignoring the unfolding drama in the opposition camp for some time as they literally always have catfights over something or other.

This week, however, I couldn’t resist giving it attention because of the twist it has taken.

Let me start by giving the saga some background.

The current squabbles started after the death of the founding leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai in 2018.

The bone of contention was: who was the legitimate successor?

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Then Secretary General, Nelson Chamisa took over, sidelining Thokozani Khupe, then Vice President and tipped to be the next leader. That marked the beginning of a bitter feud between the two, leading to yet another split.

UNRELENTING: Thokozani Khupe

Khupe’s group retained the MDC-T name (T standing for Tsvangirai) while Chamisa led MDC Alliance as he had managed to bring together other smaller splinter groups.

In the last general elections in July 2018, the latter fared well and became the main opposition while maintaining they had actually won the elections as the results had been manipulated.

But as we speak, the main opposition party has been annihilated as Khupe, with the obvious help and blessings of Zanu PF, has been recalling Members of Parliament and Councillors who won under the MDC Alliance.

It’s quite a long and complex story as to how she has the powers to do so but as already indicated, the whole saga has Zanu PF written all over it as the ruling party ultimately stands to benefit from a weak opposition.

Chamisa refused to recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory arguing the elections were rigged. He even declined to join Political Actors Dialogue, and that infuriated the ruling party.

Brought together by a common enemy, Khupe and Zanu PF then apparently went to bed together and hatched a plan to destroy Chamisa and his party, hence the drama that we are seeing unfolding of late.

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With MPs and Councillors recalled, it means there will soon be bye-elections and chances are very high that either Zanu PF or Khupe’s party will win most if not all seats by hook or crook.

If Khupe’s party wins, it will still be good for Zanu PF – after all this is an opposition party they have basically created and will therefore control!

By the way, Khupe is now being mockingly called ThokoZanu as it has become clear that she has since become a ruling party puppet.

I, however, feel for Khupe because if she’s not careful, this could actually be the beginning of the end of her political career.

Zanu PF might use her to destroy the main opposition and thereafter throw her into the political dustbin. As some would say, it will end in tears.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Phenius Dickens

    01/10/2020 at 10:10

    Shame to you THOKO, ZUNU PF, led by Shonas, are great at using Ndebeles for their own enrichment, that is a fact. The Zimbabwean economy in the hands of shonas, collapsed and they blamed other people who were not in government. The history of MDC has it that Mr. Gibson Sibanda, the late was toppled by Morgan Tswangirai, because Shonas wouldn’t allow other tribes to lead them. After the death of Morgan, Thoko Khupe was toppled by Nelson Chamisa because, in his mind no Ndebele can lead a Shona. No Ndebele shall rule Zimbabwe, that is a fact. Ndebeles, please form your own parties and stop playing second fiddle to these vultures. Stop being played fools by these vultures. Mzilikazi and Lobengula did not allow such foolish act on his empire. Vukani bantu baka-Mzilikazi, vukani bantu baka-Lobengula. Zimbabwe shall remain a Shona country lead by Shonas, only. iZwe li Mthwakazi.

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