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A DJ’s Trapp




A DJ’s Trapp

Known for her flair behind the decks, it appears DJ Trapp has fallen on hard times.

The Maun-born beauty initially rose to stardom courtesy of her close friendship with athletic star, Amantle Montsho.

However, that relationship has since soured and it seems so too have Trapp’s fortunes.

This week, an angry lady took to Facebook, accusing the once-famous socialite of borrowing P1, 500 back in October but failing to pay it back (despite promising to repay the loan within a week) coming up with numerous excuses.


Others soon added fuel to the fire, claiming DJ Trapp had trapped them the same way and also owed them money having pulled similar stunts on them.

Shaya suggests the young lady settles her debts before things get messy!


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