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Ambassador Makgato wins threat to kill case


Man guilty of calling Makgato Bit%$ and threatening to kill her


A man who landed in court for using the ‘B’ word on the former minister and current ambassador to Australia, Dorcus Makgato has been found guilty.

Wadza Tombo was this week convicted of insulting Makgato and of threatening to kill her.

Particulars of the offence are that on July 05th, 2017 in Gaborone, without lawful excuse the man threatened to kill Makgato by uttering the following words, “I want P5 million this year or I will behead you. “

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Tombo was also accused of insulting Makgato by uttering the following words;“Dorcas you bit&% I have hopelessly buried my beloved mum over da weekend. She struggled for her life at your slaughterhouse called Letsholathebe hospital. I wish your mother had miscarried you.”

The accused person had pleaded not guilty to both charges.

During trial one of the 10 state witnesses, Nonofo Dichabe, a Digital Forensic Examiner at Botswana Police Service reproduced messages from the accused cellphone.

Parts of the messages tendered as evidence read, “Dorcus! You bitch! I ‘ve hopelessly buried my Beloved mum ova da weekend. She struggled 4 her life at your slaughterhouse called Letsholathebe hospital. You would send your mother to wise and caring people’s hospitals using the financial ability you denied me. I wish your mother had miscarried you. I could be a responsible, loving, and caring son, husband, and father. I want P5m this year or I’ll behead you to be listened to. Ask my chief Kealetile.”

Taking the stand during trial ambassador Makgato who told the court that she was once approached by the accused person whilst working as the Minister of Trade and Industry. She testified that Tombo had applied for a loan at CEDA, which was rejected.

When he approached her for assistance, Makgato She said when the accused requested for help she asked him to furnish her with all documentation including financial projections, which the accused had submitted to CEDA in order to assess his appeal. After the assessment, she too felt the application was unsatisfactory.

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Makgato further told the court that before she could revert to advise Tembo, the then DCEC director, Rose Seretse, called her with allegations that she had demanded for Tombo to produce Botswana Democratic Party membership card before he could be assisted.

Makgato denied the allegations in court and stated that soon after that she started receiving threat to kill messages from Tombo.

In conclusion Makgato said that she lived in fear as a result of the continuous threats and insults she received from Tombo.

In his defense, Tombo stuck to his story that Makgato had asked him to produce a BDP membership card before he could be assisted by CEDA.

The magistrate however found him guilty as charged.

The threat to kill offense carries a punishment of imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years while the second charge carries imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or a fine of P50 or both.

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