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And the winner is; Adiva!
And the winner is; Adiva!


And the winner is; Adiva!

A quickie with House Of Fame P100, 000 winner

The 1st season of the reality show, House Of Fame came to a resounding end this past weekend with Adiva scooping the coveted P100 000 prize money.

We caught up with the thrilled winner for an interview immediately after his exit from the house and he shared his experience inside the house, his future plans, and his relationships.

For the benefit of those who don’t know you, please tell us about yourself

My name is Tumo Maokisa, I come from Serowe.

I am traveler; I am digital marketer and content creator.

I mostly just travel around creating travel content, engaging with entrepreneurs along the way.

I have travelled to over 25 countries so far.

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My focus now is travelling across Africa and sharing more African content.

Why did you decide to join the house of fame reality show

I decided to join House of Fame because I have always been someone who is ok being in the background but this time something in me told me to join the house of fame and see what happens.

The other biggest motivator was the 100k, which I thought would help me in some of the projects I wanted to do.

When you were eventually picked as a contestant, how did you feel about that?

I was really excited; I was mostly excited because my mother was the champion of the campaign team to get me in the house.

So when I got selected I was really elated and hoping for a good experience.

What was your strategy going into the house?

A. My strategy was really simple, it was to be myself and express myself in the best possible way because I am very much alive to the fact that we live in conservative society and that for the most part doesn’t really allow people to express themselves freely as they are and rather restrict them according to norms whether it is sexual or the way one speaks.

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So I wanted to break those walls down on a bigger platform.

Was there ever a point you felt like giving up?

There were so many times in the house where I felt overwhelmed because of the pressures and the emotional issues that one goes through because they are being watched 24/7 and confined to one space.

In the end I was comforted by the people I had in the house.

Did your strategy remainthe same as the days went by?

Yes, it remained the same throughout the game.

I just always showed up as myself every morning and at every interaction.

How different was the experience from what you had imagined?

The experience was very different from what I had imagined because I could have never predicted the people that would come into the house with their different personalities, but once I did meet them I was impressed by the incredible people that were chosen along with me for the 8 week journey

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We saw you get involved in a romantic relationship inside the house, was that genuine?

The feelings I felt were real and I thought it was evident in the way I responded to the challenges that came up because of the relationship.

Also on one point I was genuinely afraid and scared that since we are in a game, the feelings might not be genuine on the other side.

On my part it was always very genuine and I hope it was the same on the other side.

Lastly congratulations once again on your win, what will you do with the money?

(Laughs) I have always said I will use the money to invest and shoot my travel documentary and travel vlogs .

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