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ATTRACTION: Victoria Falls


At twar over the falls

Which country exactly owns Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or Zambia?

This old debate was rekindled on Tuesday and I must say I enjoyed the Twar (Twitter war) between Zimbos and Zambians as they tried to justify their arguments over the real owners of this wonder of the world.

It all started with a tweet by Rwandan Presidency after President Paul Kagame toured the falls with his Zambian counterpart, Hakainde Hichilema, on Tuesday. They wrote that the two had toured the ‘Victoria Falls, which is a waterfall on the Zambezi River in Southern Africa’.

This fact did not go down well with some Zambians who felt there was no need to be diplomatic about this.

They wanted the Rwandan Presidency to state that the falls is in Zambia; in any case, the two leaders did not cross to Zimbabwe to see the falls.

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Being a Zimbo and having stayed in Victoria Falls for almost 10 years, I will obviously say that the falls is ours. I will also state it as a matter of fact that the most beautiful views of the falls are from the Zim side.

I visited the falls countless times during my stay there, both from our side and from Livingstone in Zambia and I always marvelled and appreciated the beauty more while I was home.

One Farai Herbet shared the same opinion that the best view belongs to Zimbabwe.

“Tourists who come to Zambia cross into Zimbabwe for the day and cross the border back to Zambia after enjoying the view,” he rightly pointed out.

Stuart Ziwewe indirectly said there was no need to debate the obvious, Victoria Falls (both the falls and the town) are in Zimbabwe while Zambia has Livingstone, for him it was case closed.
Perhaps trying to be tactful, former cabinet minister, Savious Kasukuwere, tweeted, “God owns Mosi oa Thunya (Vic Falls) and the local inhabitants from both sides. It’s ours together.”

But for some, the falls are no doubt in Zambia though better viewed in Zimbabwe.

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“The falls is in Zambia but to have a better view, you should be in Zim oil,” said one Elton Majuta.

Zambia’s Joseph Kalimbwe actually summed it up well when he said the debate of Vic Falls ownership will never end.

“The debate of who owns the Victoria Falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe is historical. It will never end. It began decades ago and will never have a winner. Let’s just embrace and continue loving one another. We share so much together, a twar won’t end well, comrades,” he warned. I couldn’t agree more!

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