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HOPEFUL: Kekgonegile
HOPEFUL: Kekgonegile
HOPEFUL: Kekgonegile


BCP SG contest gets hotter


Having been a President of Botswana Land Boards and Local Government Workers Union (BLLAWU) at some point, Goretetse Kekgonegile is now preparing to make a step into the Botswana Congress Party’s leadership.

The Maun East Member of Parliament is the latest to raise his hand for the party’s Secretary General position, a move that pits against Moncho Moncho and MP for Nkange, Never Tshabang.

The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA speaks to the Maun native to see what his roadmap looks like.

Kindly share what you have achieved since you baceme an MP.

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MP’s job centres around legislation, linking the constituency with resources and putting the constituency’s plight in the public agenda.

I believe I’m doing well in parliament deliberations given that in a year’s time I have a motion adopted by a highly partisan Parliament.

I have ensured that projects planned for constituency are undertaken given the completion of High Court, Mawana Power Station, commencement of Maun Water Works, on-going People with Disabilities College, and commencement of long pending 8 Constituency Community Projects,

As a former Trade Union leader, what can you say about your party’s relationship with Unions?

Contrary to people’s views, BCP has a huge number of former Trade Union leaders and activists as members.

That sits well with our Social Democracy principle and gives workers an edge in BCP policies.

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We are in continuous interaction with Unions as a party through Labour Desk headed by Lebogang Letsie (a former Union Leader) and as individual cadres.

Of course as a Umbrella for Democratic Change Parliamentary Labour Portfolio Coordinator, Chairperson of Public Service Management and member of Labour and Home Affairs Parliamentary Committees, I continue to influence labour legislation in the interest of workers.

You will be contesting for BCP SG, what motivated you?

I’m a bonafide member of BCP and the Constitution allows meto stand, I am very capable with experience and tempo to be an effective SG and parliamentarian at the same time given my past of being Union President, Federation Publicity and middle manager in Civil Service at the same time.

I have been active in BCP long enough to understand its challenges and potential hence my vision to give BCP an edge over its competitors.

I therefore raise my hand in belief that I can put in place the needed processes and protocols to fast track regime change and emancipation of our people.

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Why SG position?

SG is a pivot and bed rock of any organization. The position needs an ideologically grounded and solid cadre in terms of capability and passion for revolution.

A BCP SG must know the party and have time for the party at all levels.

There is need for BCP to move forward and I believe that amongst the SG candidates I am best suited to move the part forward.

I believe I have the qualities, hardworking and committed to the course to be BCP SG.

Moncho and Tshabang raised their hands earlier and you came in late, what held you up?

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I’m a consensus leader hence my believe in collective decision making and consultation within the organization.

Discussions were held nationally and I was lobbied to stand but opted to give Phillip Monowe benefit of the doubt as I believed in his capabilities but decided to stand when he resigned after weighing capabilities of those standing.

I honestly believe I can do a better job than them otherwise I wouldn’t be standing.

You and Tshabang have been perceived to be friends, why not rally behind each other?

We are friends, brothers and comrades but an organization is bigger than individuals and friendships.

A political organization is a lifeline of humanity and must be subjected to possible perfection and not none-collective protocols.

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Me and Never shall remain brothers and friends who have rights to individual decision making and mind you we agree on a lot of issues but must be given room to differ where we differ.

With BCP President, Dumelang Saleshando coming from Maun West, will this not work against you as someone from Maun East?

Not at all. The political maturity within BCP insists on membership to vote as per capability rather than origins, wealth, gender, place of work, religion or sexual orientation.

There was a time when almost all Central Committee members were in Gaborone or working at UB but that was not a deterrent as membership believed in their vision and capability to lead the party.

What is your vision if elected?

Challenges facing BCP center around lack of funds, shortage of personnel in structures, on and off activism country wide, uncertainty of our position within the UDC and with other stakeholders, continuous policy development modality, development of position papers on a number of issues and deliberate leadership re-generation program through political school and other ventures.

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My vision centers around spear heading sustainable solutions within the collective.

Which lobby are you in?

I am in a lobby in which President is Saleshando; Taolo lucas is VP, Samuel Rantuana is Chairperson; Oral Mosedame is Treasurer; Tebogo Molefe is DSG; and Prof Mpho Pheko is Publicity Secretary.

Re isa BCP ko Sechabeng and it’s a collective that can take BCP forward.

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