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Beating the bread


On Fathers’ Day in Francistown this past Sunday, Sunshine Plaza Mall hosted doting dads to several exciting activities.

The mall management organised competitions in Mhele and snooker, as well as a bread-eating contest.

Although Shaya is quite the pool player, it was the latter that caught the public’s attention.

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Part of it could have been a curiosity to see if it was possible to finish a whole loaf in just three minutes – with coke to wash down the simple meal.

The fact that one of the contestants was a popular local entertainer, DJ Bob G BW, probably played a part as well.

Not only did Bob G, who was recently an MC at the Ghetto United DJ Jam session, finish the loaf, he actually won the whole competition and pocketed a P300 shopping voucher.

Guess what this kind-hearted super dad did next?

He treated himself and his friend to a Nandos family meal.

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The loaf was just a starter for the Francistown native!

I guess it’s true – the country’s artists really are starving!

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