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BERA cautions against unlawful sale of fuel

Botswana Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA) has cautioned the public against the illegal trade of fuel.

This comes after the country experienced a severe shortage of fuel in the past week, a situation which has since escalated and left many vehicles parked.

The Authority has warned that due to shortage being experienced, there is a likelihood of mishandling and unsafe practices and illicit trading of fuel.

BERA as the regulator of petroleum products has warned the public that no one is allowed to sell petroleum products without authorization from the Authority.

“No one is allowed to sell petroleum products at a price above the regulated retail pump price specified for a particular location,” cautioned BERA.

Any person found selling fuel without a license or above the regulated price, the Authority says, will be liable to a fine in terms section 34 of the BERA Act.

Furthermore, taking into account safety measures, the public has also been advised to avoid stockpiling of fuel as this may expose them to safety risk.

Meanwhile, the shortage of fuel continues even after government had over the weekend assured that the situation will normalize in ‘two to three days’.

Motorists around Gaborone have, for days, been hopping from one filling station to another with the hope of finding a now scarce commodity, but with very little success, with many others having totally run out of fuel and left their vehicles parked by the filling stations.


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