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Booze and blood




Having just been released from a four-day stint in the hospital, on Tuesday morning, Themba Sibanda hobbled into Francistown Magistrates Court on crutches.

The injured 40-year-old Zimbabwean is accused of murder, a charge that has also been leveled against Mpho Sesinyi, 22.

The two men are believed to have killed, Leitho Ketlhobogile, 26, during an altercation at Ghepe cattlepost on the outskirts of Mabesekwa on the evening of Thursday 3 September.


According to sources in the village, on the day he died, Ketlhobogile, armed with a gun he had allegedly stolen, went to the cattlepost to visit his girlfriend.

He arrived to find his lover in the company of her mother and Sibanda, who was dating the older woman.

“Apparently he greeted them but became angry when his girlfriend’s mother did not return the greeting. That is when the trouble started and a fight quickly broke out,” claimed the source.

During the scuffle, it is alleged that the gun went off and Sibanda was shot in the leg.

“He took refuge in the house but Ketlhobogile followed him. Despite his injury, it seems Sibanda somehow managed to overpower the younger man and disarmed him,” continued the source, adding that Ketlhobogile then fled the house clutching a knife.


As he was running away, Sesinyi reportedly appeared from out of the dark and allegedly snatched the knife away from Ketlhobogile. Sesinyi is then said to have stabbed Ketlhobogile while Sibanda struck him on the head with the gun.

The police were called and the trio transported to Nyangabgwe hospital where Ketlhobogile was certified dead and Sibanda hospitalised.

During Tuesday’s court appearance, Prosecutor, Kenneth Edward successfully secured the suspects remand, noting that investigations were at an initial stage.

“We are still to record the statements from witnesses and also waiting for the postmortem results,” said Edward.

To add insult to injury, Sibanda was also charged with entering the country illegally.


The two men were denied bail and will appear befor court again on 22 September.

Meanwhile, in a brief interview with The Voice, Tonota Station Commander, Oteng Ngada revealed it is suspected the trio had been drinking.

“Our suspicions are that they were drunk off homemade brews,” said Ngada, adding this is the first murder case recorded in his jurisdiction since the start of the year.


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