Cantering to the rescue

Archie Mokoka
HOT SHOT: Chingwaru training technicians
  • CCTV suppliers beef up local security

There were already a whole host of CCTV, protection and security technology dealers around when Canterquip set up shop in 2018.

However, Innocent Chingwaru saw a gap in the after-service market and dived in full force.

Five years later, and the 51-year-old has no regrets.

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“Many people were complaining about aftermarket service and this, for me, provided an opportunity to enter the market. You just need to know the market and how you can take advantage of the opportunities,” quips Chingwaru, speaking to Voice Money from behind his desk in his back office at Canterquip showroom.

Driven by passion for security systems and experience gained while employed by a Zambian fishing company, Lake Harvest, Chingwaru opened a shop, stocked it, started doing installations and training technicians.

Lake Harvest is where his passion for security systems grew. Because he was in charge of their security survey, risk and loss control he was exposed to many security systems. This knowledge has now transmuted into a brand that is slowly but surely encroaching on the unsuspecting competition.

“The first days were difficult while we were building the brand, then we had Covid but of late it’s been good. We’ve even introduced 24 hours remote house monitoring. We’re coming out of Covid and have diversified into selling and installing solar systems. More and more people are moving to farms in response to the vegetables demand and therefore solar power is in demand,” the passionate businessman reveals.

WELL INFORMED: The Canterquip boss is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to security

To beat competition, Chingwaru sticks to his original, tried and tested conviction: good after service, quality products and workmanship.

But there are other problems, as he readily admits.

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“People who don’t know much about CCTV systems are awarded tenders and after they do a shoddy job the stain affects all of us. The other thing is the size of the population. CCTV is not like bread. After installing a system for 50 customers you won’t hear from them again for the next decade because the durability of our cameras is around 15 years,” he states.

Shipping has also been a challenge for Canterquip.

Chingwaru notes that it has been costly and most goods from outside have been challenging to resell locally. After customs tax and markup, it becomes too expensive for most customers. Therefore Canterquip offers payment plans where applicable. There are also big clients under Canterquip’s belt, including BIUST and BA ISAGO Universities.

Chingwaru is a man driven by passion, and one of his passions is to bring security closer to the people.

His strategy includes covering all districts in Botswana in the next 10 years.

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Maun already has a database of Canterquip technicians on standby.

“We are also bringing in modern high tech security. Lately there have been numerous ATM bombings and we are looking into how we can prevent this. Furthermore, we are in talks with the Botswana Police about installing cameras in risk areas as part of our community responsibility,” he added.

Canterquip has already, in the recent past, donated and installed CCTV security for two community schools.

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