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TALENTED: Freddie Pro


Celeb Edition with Freddie Pro

Although he is a relative newcomer to the game, Freddie Pro is indeed proving to be quite the pro at creating social media content.

With a Facebook following closing in on 240, 000, the 22-year-old also boasts a promising singing career, his two studio singles receiving critical acclaim.

For those who do not know you, please introduce yourself?

I would simply say: Hi. I am Freddie Mosimanenkwe but you probably know me from social media as Freddie Pro. What you see is what you get.

How did you become a social media content creator?

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Well, I think it just happened to be honest. I did not go all out of my character to make it happen.

I uploaded videos to cover songs and received an overwhelming response.

A lot of people started sharing my videos and in turn I gained a lot of followers.

With more numbers you instantly get pressure to keep sharing content and because I had always loved acting and the spotlight it was only inevitable really!

Social media is infamous as being a breeding ground for online bullies. Have you experienced any negativity?

‘Freddie tlhee o ikgaeditse ka go nna se o seng sone’ (Freddie you are a sissy trying to be something you’re not) literally was one of the lines used to come at me the moment I started to upload videos of me ‘cross dressing’.

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For the fact that I am a dude and I express myself through fashion, I guess it was a culture shock for some people, still is really!

I noticed you are an avid follower of American rapper Nicki Minaj – what’s that all about?

My love for Nicki cannot be described. You can call it obsession.

Nicki – Onika Miraj is one of the icons that I look up to.

How important is brand image in your line of work?

When we are talking about brand we are talking about yourself as an individual, how you want the world to know you.

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So it is so significant to know what you stand for.

It is so important to know and understand yourself before anyone else can.

Getting a little more personal, are you taken?

So sad, I am not taken. My DMs are very much open (laughing).

What is the worst pick-up line ever used on you?

Well I have had people just send random ‘Hi’ everyday all day. I mean, I know what they want but can they just get to the point!

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What is the one constant lie you tell when starting a relationship?

Almost everyone who wants to come into my life ask me this question, ‘you get hit on by many people in your DMs right?’ I lie, saying no you the first one.

What treasured item do you still have from your childhood?

I have almost all my pictures from my childhood.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I don’t have money

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2. I am the nicest human being and I am very approachable

3. I don’t drink alcohol

4. I don’t smoke

5. I enjoy my own space

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