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Celeb edition with Licky

Celeb edition with Licky

She hit the big time back in 2015 when her massive hit ‘Free Love’ dominating the airwaves that year.

The track earned Licky instant stardom and saw the RnB singer scoop Best New Comer at The BOMU Awards.

The 28-year-old has since gone on to win Best Female at the YAMA’s twice.

Q. How have you been keeping busy during the lockdown?

My lockdown has been spent with loved ones indoors trying out new things.

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I have been doing lots of cooking, arts and crafts, venturing into new business and of course creating a lot more music and creative content.

Definitely a lot of introspection as well!

Q. And what is the one bad habit you picked up during lockdown?

One bad habit I’ve picked up is probably spending too much time on my phone and the Internet watching all kinds of videos.

Q. If you were to be President for one day, what is the first thing you would do?

I’d take time to listen to the concerns of the youth and involve them in innovative problem solving of key socio-economic issues.

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Q. What is your fondest memory from childhood?

My fondest childhood memories are musical.

My family loves Hip Hop.

We would sit all together with my parents and watch ‘beef’ videos: NAS vs Jay Z, Jarule vs 50 Cent, East coast vs West coast.

My dad was a huge 50 Cent fan, my mum loves Tupac and my favourite artist is Jay- Z.

Hip Hop has a lot of influence on my music and style.

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Q. If you were ever caught cheating what is the first thing you would say?

Cheating? I don’t cheat.

If I was caught, then it won’t be what it looks like!

Q. Any new music in the pipeline?

My latest project is called #MARAMENG.

I collaborated with the legendary and gorgeous FiFi Afrika.

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We dived into a completely new sound with traditional elements, and sang in Setswana, something I have never done before.

It was a challenge that came out beautifully, a rather happy song about love.

Q. And can we expect an EP or album any time soon?

I am constantly working on new music that will be compiled into an album soon.

COVID has been a real setback in terms of planning ahead and monetising our work.

However, we don’t stop creating.

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Q. Who is your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush is definitely LeBron James [American basketballer]; that man is beautiful and focused.

Q. What are your thoughts on the Arts Council bill recently passed in Parliament?

The idea of an Arts Council sounds promising, but the real point of judgement will come from the execution of plans and ideas.

It is important to have the correct points of reference in order to grow the arts industry to a credible and profitable one.

Q. Have you been following the LIVE parliamentary sessions? What did you think?

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The live parliamentary sessions have been a great showcase of the minds that lead us.

It has been, for the most part, disappointing to see how our leaders engage in the grave and urgent issues that greatly affect society.

The discussion on GBV has been the most disheartening to see.

I wish the women in parliament gave a strong voice to it. We are not protected!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I enjoy cooking almost as much as music
2. I have to record barefooted and in a dark room
3. I am a mother to a 3-year-old girl
4. I can’t swim
5. I’m an introvert that enjoys too much alone time

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