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Celeb edition with Mpho Sebina



Celeb edition with Mpho Sebina

With her colourful, daring fashion sense, striking beauty and powerful voice, Mpho Sebina is one of the brightest stars in the country’s music industry.

The 30-year-old songstress, whose 2017 debut album ‘Neo’ catapulted her to international fame, is currently in Cape Town working on new music.

The soulful singer-songwriter took a break from her busy schedule for a brief chat with Celeb Edition.

Q. Your sound incorporates hip-hop, soul, jazz and traditional Setswana. Tell us why you decided to tap into that path?

Music and I have been in love for a very long time.

No matter what shape or form it comes in, I appreciate it.

From Amapiano to Classical Jazz, I love it all.

I don’t want to ever box myself into one genre.

That’s how I ended up here!

Q. What point in your career would say was your breakthrough moment?

A. Putting out my first project was the breakthrough.

It wasn’t an easy process for me; there were lots of challenges along the way.

Q. What does music mean to you and how has it shaped your life?

A. Music has helped me get through some hard times and has also been there with me in some amazing moments.

So He (Music) is like my best friend, holding my hand through it all!

Q. Have you ever found yourself in an unflattering situation, where someone pretended to invite you for business purposes but in actual fact wanted something else?

A. Hmmmm, I can’t think of one. But this guy once owed me money.

Then he calls me one time saying he was outside my house.

When I eventually met him, instead of talking about my money he asked me out – it was really annoying!

Q. Have you ever read something untrue about yourself on the net? What was it?

A. Nope nothing, nothing I can remember anyway.

Your 2017 debut album, ‘Neo’ was massive and gained international recognition.

Q. How do you intend to build on this success, what are you working on now?

A. Trying to be in studio as much as I can, recording music I hope to share soon.

Q. How do you use or intend to use your music to address women and child abuse issues?

A. I want to make music that makes people feel great about themselves, more especially women and girls.

I recently did a song with Thato Jessica ‘Masa’ which is a message to women to keep their heads up and celebrate each other in the midst of all the hardships we face.

Q. What do you get up to when you are not in studio?

A. I enjoy travelling.

I love to cook great food as well as eat it!

And dancing is a skill I’m trying to perfect so I practice real hard (laughing).

Q. Do you have any body art, if yes where?

A. I have a pink tattoo of the outline of the African continent, under my left breast, close to my heart!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  1. Swimming is the only sport I ever played competitively in school. I swam for Southern Botswana at some point
  2. I was a model in an Oracle music video shoot once
  3. I’m extremely introverted
  4. I have a phobia for frogs and lizards
  5. I am a serious Mama’s baby

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Mrs. Botswana retains crown



Mrs. Botswana retains crown

Earlier in October, the unconventional Mrs. Botswana beauty pageant was marred by controversy and chaos as a group of aggrieved contestants petitioned the organizer to re-calculate the scores.

The controversial pageant made headlines when the hopefuls in an interview with The Voice called for independent auditors to be employed to oversee the whole process.

However, the event never materialized because the Chief Organizer, Kgalalelo Lesetedi said she was not pleased with the way the syndicate handled the whole matter in what she termed to be “ruining the brand’s name.”

Sitting in an interview with The Voice this week Lesetedi passionately recounted how she got to start Mrs. Botswana, which debuted in 2017.

“I saw it happening in other countries and I was like ‘Wow! We don’t have that in Botswana, what can a lady like me do? I’m married, so what more can I do?

I’m into the advocacy of happy and healthy marriages. It was a hard beginning, my husband even sold his car to fund my dream because I believed in this thing when no one did.”

In 2017, the crown landed on Keitumetse Motlhasedi and the 2018 crown was won by Keletso Linchwe both of whom went on to compete in China and the Philippines respectively.

Maureen Mathuba managed to snatch the crown this year.

“The first time I heard of Mrs. Botswana was when my sister told me she’s registered my name for the auditions. To me, it was a ‘Wow!’ experience. I have always wanted to be this beauty queen but there were no pageants catering for women with children and moreover, married. Finally there came someone who thought about giving us a chance to enjoy and acknowledge ourselves.”

Mathuba is currently conducting her project on Gender Based Violence and children’s protection.

It also strives to get boys and girls to accept and interact with each other without fear.

In response to the syndicate that pushed for the recalculation of the scores, Mathuba calmly stated, “This is a competition, I won the crown as any of them would have. If I had not, I would still say, this is a competition.’

The effortlessly beautiful woman will be leaving for Mrs.

Universe in China from the 21st December 2019 until the 1st of January 2020 and she promises to bring the crown home.

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BIMC, COSBOTS copyright master class to be held



BIMC, COSBOTS copyright master class to be held

As the last lap into the final preparations of the much-anticipated Botswana International Music Conference (BIMC) gets underway, Copyrights Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) has joined the fray.

BIMC was first held in 2015 to expose local artists to the business side of the music industry.

It has continued to attract a big following over the last four years.

This year’s event has attracted 52 international speakers and delegates as well as 50 local speakers and delegates from various sectors of the music industry.

The man behind the event, veteran promoter and social media commentator Seabelo Modibe has said that international speakers are expected to share insights on Copyright Law and Royalty Management, a topic which has been causing a lot of confusion amongst local artists on how exactly COSBOTS works.

“As BIMC we believe that this Masterclass will help organizations prepare and stay ahead of the curve so that once licensing starts they are well equipped and tooled on Copyright and Royalty Management matters,” Modibe explained.

Next year COSBOTS will commence licensing rights such as reprographics followed by digital and online users of works such as mobile telephony, Over the Top Applications (YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram), streaming services and online broadcasters to name a few.

“BIMC and COSBOTS have found it fit to organize this particular Masterclass to make sure all users, copyrighted works administrators know their responsibilities as per the Copyright Act,” Modibe said.

The Masterclass will be held at the GICC for two days from November 27 -28th.

The speakers list comprises of Karabo Senna (RSA), John Max (Namibia), Adv. Nhlanhla Sibisi (RSA), Adv. Ntsietso Mokitimi Makhofola (RSA), Stephen Hollis, Mirrias Syamutondo (Zambia), Leemisa Molapisi (RSA) to name a few.

The music conference will also offer an opportunity for networking as it will host music distributors such as BET, MTV base, organisers of the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz, Momix, The Imbizo, Moshito, locally celebrated Gaborone International Music and Culture week (GIMC), the Vic falls carnival just to mention but a few


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Celeb edition with Perion



Celeb edition with Perion

This week a music sensation that has taken the whole country by storm, Perion takes us into his life in this two-minute interview.

Q. You have become quite a strong contender in the music industry since your hit single Lejebeje; briefly tell us about your music career.

A. My hit single Lejebejebe did incredibly well and that was probably the highlight of my career.

It was rough and tough when I first started because my music did not really get recognition and that can somehow lead to giving up as artists, but I kept on going and trying new things and new sound.

Q. Now I sit back and think back and I guess it is true one has to fall before you reach the top.What was your lowest point in life?

A. I think it would have to be back in 2008 when I lost my mom.

She was my everything.

Q. After her passing everything took a wrong turn because she raised me as a single parent and she was my support system, she was all I had.Sorry to hear that, How did you survive afterwards?

A. Music became the only way I could express myself and open up.

Q. Music kept me going and became my pillar; I just get in the music and forget about problems it is my own world.What is your fondest memory of your childhood?

A. Fondest childhood memory was when I got my first bicycle it was actually the in thing to own one and me being the first to get one out of all my friends in the neighborhood was Gold for me. (laughs)

Q. Who was the last person you texted and what did you say

A. Last person I texted was my best friend and we were about to head to the studio.

Q. Any new music on the works?

A. I am working on quite a number of singles, but at the moment you actually came at the right time as I have just secured collaboration with one of the biggest Nigerian artist.

Q. The song is almost complete so be on the lookout for that one. What advice would you give your 10 –year- old self?

A. The advice I I’d give to my 10- year- old self would be to learn how to adapt, compromise and overcome.

Q. Who is your celebrity crush locally?

A. Definitely Seneo Mabengano, former Miss Botswana.

Q. What is your current favorite song?

Q. Wale ft. Jeremiah -ON CHILL If you had one superpower what would that be?

A. If I could be able to get to any place in the world when I think of it and just be there with a snap of a finger that would be dope.

  1. Tell me five things people don’t know about you.
  2. I am the last born in our family
  3. I am short tempered
  4. I produce and write my own music
  5. .I am a great cook.
  6. Both my parents are late

Twitter: @sharonmathala

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