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Celeb Edition with Mr Goodmanners
Celeb Edition with Mr Goodmanners
POLITE PRESENTER: : Mr Goodmanners


Celeb Edition with Mr Goodmanners

Famous for his charm and eloquent manner on the airwaves, Letumile Montsosa aka Mr. Goodmanners is one of the stars of Duma FM.

The popular presenter is best known for his Friday night after-hours show with Dr. Gure, which has become one of the most listened to segments of radio in the country.

For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

Well, I am Letumile Montsosa aka Mr. Goodmanners.

I was born and bred in Thamaga.

I am the radio guy and what you see is really what you get.

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So how did the brand name Mr. Goodmanners come about?

I was given the name by my friends because, just as the name suggests, I am one of the most well-mannered guys around.

Fair enough! I hear you are back on TV as well?

Oh yes, I am back on Morning Ride, which as you may know is the morning show of Hub TV.

So I will be back on your screens every morning.

We are also about to release the pilot project of an animated TV show with Dr. Gure called ‘Re phunya ekaku’.

With the animated show, we basically want to demystify issues of sexual health.

Which Covid-19 restriction annoys you the most and why?

It would have to be an early curfew.

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I have a late-night radio show and whilst I have a permit to travel after curfew, I am always stopped, questioned and sometimes searched by police officers. Sometimes they even question the permit I provide them, eventually, they let me go once they realise who I am!

As journalists, we get to report on a wide range of issues. What story have you covered that remains close to your heart?

Recently I interviewed on my show called ‘Lentswe la bana le bogole’.

With the show, we give people living with disabilities a platform to speak out on issues that affect them.

So I interviewed a lady who was attacked by vicious pit-bull dogs at her house and now has a permanent disability.

Ever since the interview, she has received a lot of assistance from Able Batswana; I look at such stories and I pat myself on the back

On a slightly different note, what lie have you told when starting a relationship?

Well, I don’t know if it qualifies as a lie but I did not disclose that I work in radio.

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I did not tell her because I did not want her to treat me differently, you know the stereotypes.

She eventually figured it out and confronted me but I still denied it.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I am very disciplined
2. I aspire to be one of the greatest business people from Botswana
3. I love travelling and experiencing new places
4. I love family and wish to have a family of my own. I believe in the institution of marriage a lot
5. I am not fake, I don’t pretend to live a certain way

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