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Celeb edition with Nora McAslin



Celeb edition with Nora McAslin

An internationally acclaimed model and former brand ambassador for a Ghanaian company, Black Street, Nora McAslin is now her own boss at Nora Beauty Institute, a cosmetics company that offers beauty products.

Nora, as she is popularly known, also sells makeup services.

The Bobonong beauty re-launched her brand last year but many of the plans she had in the pipeline have not taken off because of Covid-19 restrictions.

How do you describe yourself?


I am a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, a motivational speaker, and a servant of God sent on earth to be of service to other people using my gifts and talents.

Last year we saw you re-launching your brand, why?

I did realise that people were not aware of the services that Nora Beauty Institute offers and I had to make it known.

We do teach people how to apply makeup, you may think it is an easy thing but if you want to look good then you have to engage professionals.

What challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis?


Time, I always feel there is not enough time in a day to achieve all I want to do.

So nowadays I sleep less and wake up early to utilize the time God gives me in a day.

I have a lot of things to do and cannot afford to spend eight hours in bed.

How do you keep in shape?

By eating healthy most of the time and going to the gym regularly.


The gym is one of my favorite places.

Your favorite hangout place?

Home. The feeling of just getting home and being with family is priceless.

I watch a lot of motivational videos on YouTube.

Five things people don’t know about you?


1. I am a village girl from Bobonong
2. I am a very shy and quiet person
3. I am an Assistant Pastor
4. I love everything pink; I once painted my Range Rover pink
5. I wish to be a fitness guru and a sports model one day


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