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Celeb edition with Rekunde

Celeb edition with Rekunde

Original and daring in equal measure, Rekunde is one of the funniest women in the country. The Maun-born comedian is regarded by many as the Queen of Comedy in Botswana, her longevity in a cutthroat industry a testament to her popularity.

Q. What has been keeping you busy during lockdown?

Well I think the break gave everyone an opportunity to re-think and re-strategize.

It also meant more time for socializing with friends and family.

I got to know more about my family during this break than I ever did.

But of course I also used the time to get on the Internet and check out what my competitors have been doing both locally and internationally so I could improve my craft.

Q. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many industries, with the entertainment sector particularly hard hit. How are you making ends meet during these tough times?

You will be shocked but I actually opened my own little tuckshop to make ends meet.

Our industry has been completely shut down; it was the first to be shut down and currently remains one of the few industries still shut down.

So, whilst my craft is now exclusively online, I have a tuckshop!

Q. Do you laugh at your own jokes?

Well no.

Okay, maybe yes, I sometimes do especially when I want to catch up with the audience.

Q. If you were to be caught cheating on your partner, what is the first thing you would say?

I actually don’t cheat.

That’s not my cup of tea!

I would be caught the very first day.

Life is a beautiful thing and should be respected

Q. When was the last time you cried and why?

I don’t remember.

I definitely cry when I am hurting.

I am not ashamed to let them flow.

Q. What bad habit did you pick up during lockdown?

I learnt how to make home brewed alcohol, motitiela.

Now I seem to only want that.

Okay, no seriously I am so used to being alone and in my space now.

Q. What is the lowest amount you ever been paid for a gig?

P200. Don’t ask where and how!

Q. What is the one thing you do when no one is looking?

Talk to myself. I do that sometimes even when I am with people!

Q. Who is the one person that knows all your deepest secret?

No one.

I am very secretive, I play my cards very close to my chest.

Q. Have you ever been in a street fight?

You and your questions! Yes I have, quite recently in fact. I won’t answer this further!

Q. Five things people don’t know about you?

  • I cry when I’m overwhelmed by emotions
  • People don’t know where I come from
  • I am single most of the time
  • Comedy was not my first love
  • I am actually a great singer

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