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Celeb edition with Rez
Celeb edition with Rez


Celeb edition with Rez

The 26-year-old Kabo Maruping is one of the hottest MCs in the country.

Going by stage name Rez, the Maun native is a hip hop head whose stardom has been on the rise since his debut single, “Reach Out” back in 2010.

This week Celeb Edition shines the spotlight on the rapper with this two-minute interview.

How have you been keeping up during these Covid-19 difficult times?

Covid-19 has slowed down a lot of us in the entertainment industry.

It has really affected the balance in how we generate income through our business since most of us are dependent on physical shows, but I always find the good in the bad so I would say in terms of quality, Online platforms, and putting in work, we have had time to grow lyrically and find innovative ways of being a part of the global space trough streaming platforms.

What is the one thing you have identified that you never knew about yourself in the last year?

I have identified a lot of strengths about myself actually.

Because we had a lot of time to reflect I realized I am more of a progressive musician.

I go for everything that brings results.

I am consistently now spreading my creative wings and I believe the road ahead is promising.

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Tell us about your music?

Well I believe my music is always more of life lessons, which either I have gone through or people close to me have experienced.

It is really relatable content that we all go through at one point in time.

There is so much negativity going on in the world.

Now that the industry is opened what can your fans look out for?

Well I have been spending so much time in studio and writing new content so there will be a lot more single releases from me, and definitely features as well as physical show performances as you know we are getting into the busy festive season.

I am currently working on my six-track EP to be released shortly before the album release.

How have you used social media to market your brand?

Yes I have…I usually try my best to work around the Internet so as to expand my brand.

We usually drop new content weekly through my YouTube Channel; Rez Music Bw as well as my official Facebook page @RezMusicBw

Have you ever been a victim of social media bullying? If yes tell us more.

NO. I have not had any social media issues . Thank God!

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Tell us five things people don’t know about you

• I am an electrical technician by training
• I am super confident
• I am always up and ready for business opportunities
• I am an outgoing person
• I am a perfectionist, I put 100 % in everything I do

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