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Chillin Out by Shaya (17 December 2021)





Shaya is sick and tired of men in positions of power who can’t keep it in their pants. The latest high-ranking figure to allegedly give in to his horny desires is a lecturer at one of the country’s top institutes. Shaya has it on good authority that the hands-on educator has been reported to Gaborone’s Central Police for fondling female students and promising them good grades in exchange for both their silence and their bodies. It gets worse as the school management is aware of this case, and others not reported to the police, but are reportedly keen on keeping the saga under wraps. Meanwhile, the lecturer is still in class, who knows what else he continues to do with learners. Shame on you man!


SA’s most sought-after motivational speaker, Vusi Thembekwayo has been accused of slapping his wife several times and dragging her by her feet on the stairway during a violent domestic fight at their posh Joburg home on Saturday night.
The alleged assault occurred on December 4, 10 days into the annual global campaign of 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children Abuse.
Thembekwayo’s wife has opened a case of common assault against the 36-year-old businessman at the Douglasdale police station.
He was arrested and released on bail on Monday before appearing briefly in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. The case was postponed to next year.



Shaya was out and about getting my festive groove on in the Ghetto this weekend. Whilst the second city’s nightlife was first rate, it was disappointing to see just how drunk some young ladies get. I mean, Yours Truly has been known to overdo it from time to time but this was completely out of hand. One youth, wearing a tiny skirt and not much else, was so drunk she passed out at the bar, even though the clock had just struck 8pm. Her friends, who were pretty smashed themselves, tried to rouse her but to no avail – she was out for the count! In the end, she was put in a taxi and taken home, but not before she vomited all over one of her mate’s brand new All-Stars. Talk about a messy night! Luckily she had good friends to look after her. There are some ruthless scoundrels out there who would not think twice about taking advantage of a young woman in such a state. Drink responsibly guys and girls.




Honourable Gobotswang: Honourable Ana Motlhagodi you failed to show what happened to the estate of your late client.
Honourable Mokgethi: Mokgethi not Motlhagodi
Honourable Gobotswang: Sorry sorry. We are tired of you changing names many times.
Honourable Mokgethi: And we are tired of your petty talks. Show this honourable house the judgment that proves I failed to account


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