Moving on

Former Gaborone Deputy Mayor, Lotty Manyapetsa vacating his office this week after a new second-in command was elected.

Councillor loses ouit

Politics is indeed a dirty game.

Shaya has learnt of a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor who spent big bucks last weekend trying to pay their peers to vote for them as the capital’s new Mayor.

The wannabe leader’s spending reportedly included forking out P1, 000 to the council’s female representatives while their male counterparts allegedly received P500 e-wallet and a further P500 in cash.

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Although the would-be Mayor was warned they were wasting their cash, they would not listen and continued popping out the Pula. When d-day came, nobody dared give the once-celebrated councillor a vote!

Talk about a rude awakening – at least you can trade hard-luck stories with the outgoing Father Maphongo and Lotty Manyapetsa who failed to get a single committee to lead despite having been the council leaders.

Greedy manager

Shaya has been told of a greedy Manager at a certain up-market restaurant in Gaborone’s CBD with a horrible habit of pocketing some of his waiters’ tips.

Although it seems the workers, especially those waiting tables, do not have a basic salary and survive largely on the tips they earn, the hard-hearted boss forces them to share any extra they make with him!

Apparently the suave socialite even goes as far as to accuse those who make the biggest tips of stealing from the business and threatens them with the sack should they refuse to go halves.

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Shaya sees this one boiling over, with the staff getting increasingly frustrated at the boss’ behaviour – watch this space!

The Zim toe hoax

After reading Letter from Zim last week, Shaya was one of those tempted to visit neighbouring Zimbabwe to pawn off my toes – with US$40, 000 up for grabs (Shaya’s math is not the best but even I know that’s a lot of Pula!) what do I need them for anyway?

However, whilst dusting off my passport this week, news surfaced that the man who had most Batswana, including Yours Truly, excited was dragged before the courts of law.

The 40-year-old David Kaseke was charged with criminal nuisance. Kaseke had all of us fooled, even Shaya was ready to chop off a few toes for a few dollars.

Rusty table
RUSTY: Tunisia coach\’s press conference

Rusty table

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Shaya was among the thousands who flocked to Francistown on Sunday to watch the mighty Zebras take on Tunisia in an AFCON qualifier.

While the football was exciting, Shaya was less than impressed with the Press Conference after the match.

The table set out by the BFA for the coaches looked like it’d been around since Independence.

Rusty and falling apart, it probably should have been turned into scrap metal years ago; even the street vendors would have been embarrassed by such.

Come on guys, next time let’s cover it up with a cloth at least – this was an international match not a regional play-off; talk about an own-goal!

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