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UNDERWAY: Drive Thru Vaccine initiative

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COVID-19 vaccination numbers double during drive through initiative

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is impressed by the turnout of the drive through vaccine initiative after more than 1 000 people turned up on the first day.

Speaking in an interview, MoH’s spokesperson, Christopher Nyanga, said that the drive through initiative went well on the first day with more than 1 000 Batswana taking part.

He said that in the recent days, they were vaccinating 500 or less per day but the numbers doubled.

“Many Batswana heeded our call for them to come to Notwane grounds for vaccination and they came in large numbers. As a ministry, we are satisfied with the numbers and we appreciate the positive response to our call.”

QUEUED UP: People in line for the drive thru vaccine

Nyanga added that although they knew many people would come for vaccination, they did not anticipate the numbers that turned up

“Normally at our other sites, the highest numbers we would vaccinate is around 300 people per site per day. We had anticipated that for the drive through, we would vaccinate about 500 people. However, the turnaround was so huge that we ended up vaccinating more that 1 000 people. This was an extremely huge number, way more than what we had anticipated.”

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The initiative, which was meant to run for three days, came after government experienced low numbers of people who were taking the vaccine.

Currently, government is still vaccinating people above 30 years, which is the phase two category of the vaccination programme.

As of Monday, 258,260 people were fully vaccinated while 525,739 had taken the first dose only.

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