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GONE: She served the nation meticulously

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Didimalang Bukha

Aunt Didi was given a gift of life, which she cherished, enjoyed and sucked the juice out of for nearly 65 years.

On Sunday she took her mortal leave and crossed over to a better side.

Although she lived with underlying health conditions for many years, Didi was full of life and not depressed about dying.

She travelled around for adventure and took family vacations to neighboring countries after her retirement from nursing in 2016.

Aunt Didi even took on a new business venture, became the bedrock of the Francistown community service and socialized to her heart’s contentment before covid-19 hit.

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On July 03rd, aunt Didi would turn 65.

She wanted, in her own words, “A big and special birthday.”

That’s how much Didi loved life. But then she had a taste of a better life on the other side around 5 am on Sunday morning and breathed her last around 11 am the same day.

I am convinced aunt Did has joined the heavenly choir because a few hours before she transitioned she sent a messege to let her friends know that she was at peace and resting as she listened to, “ Sweet melody”.

Her work is done in this world. She was a woman of unparalleled conviction in the nursing profession.

LATE: Didi

A principal Nursing Officer 1 who did her job diligently and effortlessly all the way to the end, even in sickness, aunt Didi was still a caregiver.

The last time I spoke to her she was bathing a corona virus patient who couldn’t help herself.

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That was Didi for you, selfless, fearless and compassionate to a fault.

For 34 years she nursed many people, some back to health and some to a decent death.

She was meticulous about her job and consistent in her professionalism, so it did not come as a surprise when she fell into a depression during a week of hospital admission because of what she described as, “ Lack of proper care,” at sir Ketumile Masire hospital.

She was a great storyteller with a wonderful sense of humor and an easy laugh, which showed off her gold tooth.

There was a funny story behind that gold tooth, which she recently told at a funeral of a family member, sending everyone into peels of laughter.

The second of four children, Didi was born in Maun and bred in Francistown.

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She is survived by her husband and her four grown children.

Many, whose lives she had touched in different and significant ways will sorely miss her.

Rest in peace mother, aunt and friend to many. Rest in peace our very own Florence Nightingale!

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