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DJ Bunz’s fashion statement



DJ Bunz's fashion statement

Legendary Francistown Disc Jockey Peter Gaetsewe popularly known as DJ Bunz has decided to board the fast-moving fashion world train.

Three months without any source of income due to Covid-19 restrictions has forced many entertainers to look at other sources of money streams.

The DJ Bunz brand under the Gold Vinyl clothing line was officially launched this Tuesday.

According to the founder of Gold Vinyl, DJ Deuce Mmeshe, production of t-shirts and masks started on Tuesday while other products such as caps and vests will follow shortly.

“DJ Bunz is a big brand, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting the products out there, especially since he’ll be leading the marketing,” said Meshe.

The DJ Bunz t-shirts are available at a stall near the old Magistrate Court, along the Blue Jacket Street.


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