DJ Jigga’Yo and Macc release Umama

Cathrine Moemedi
DUO: Dj Jigga'yo and Macc (Cap)

Despite the adverse effects of Covid-19 on the entertainment industry, some artists are not yielding to the pressure.

One such resilient artist is none other than Matlhogonolo Motshele popularly known in the streets of Maun as DJ JIGGA’YO who has released a single titled Umama this month.

The 31-year- old promising DJ was working alongside a relatively new kid on the Block, Macc on the single, which according to them is an appreciation to mothers and women in general.

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“We are what we are because of women and they tend to be under-appreciated despite what they go through to raise their children. Umama is our way of appreciating and celebrating our heroes through house music,” said Motshele.

A veteran in the entertainment industry who has worked for several years as a resident DJ in various pubs in Maun, Dj Jigga’yo indicated that it was time he released something under his name, “I have worked in the industry since 2007 as a resident DJ for Akron Tangier Pub, United Café, and Campus Lounge and I have finally released my first single.”

The lively duo is yet to release an album also titled Umama.

According to the 25-year- old Mazunga, they started their bromance when he was performing at one of the pubs that Motshele played at.

“We met during one of my performances and now the rest is history, our supporters should look forward to more of our collaborations, “said Mazunga.

Produced by Volcano, the fresh single was released last week Thursday at a Maun based Paramount records and dedicated to women, especially mothers.

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“You have played your part and now is my time to play my part. With your prayers I know I am loved, Umama,” DJ Jigga sings.

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