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Dreadlocked Beauty!



There were times when we believed that locked hair did not offer us much freedom and variety.

Today, we are impressed at how versatile dreads are.

From coiled dreads, to hair accented with pearls and cowrie shells, to stylish dread hair, hair trends are on the rise and we at The Voice on Fashion can’t get enough of the stylish dreaded hair.

When I saw the gorgeous Gofaone Nkwane’s striking, unrivalled beauty and her ability to hold shape her own unique quirk, I knew I needed to show her beauty. Once you’ve got a grasp of what Mother Nature gave you, half the battle is won. Whether you prefer to flat iron your coils or go natural, you have multiple choices on how to style your luxurious mane.

There are so many funky looks and stylings one can do with locks and Gofaone stands out with exceptional creativity reflected in her hair.


Follow Gofaone Nkwane on Instagram @gofa.n to see more stylish manes and how you can enjoy your hair more!



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