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End of the road for spy boss



End of the road for spy boss

Magosi to return as agency consultant

The Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence services (DIS), Brigadier Peter Fana Magosi’s days as the spy agency’s head honcho are numbered, The Voice has been reliably informed.

An impeccable source within the DIS, has revealed to The Voice in an interview that the past few days have been a nightmare for President Mokgweetsi Masisi and his office as they were locked up in long meetings to negotiate an amicable exit plan for Magosi.

The source revealed that after three long days of concerted effort to fire Magosi, on Monday night a deal was brokered between Magosi and government to relieve the army brigadier of his duties as DIS boss and bring him back as a consultant.

It was however not clear why the president wanted Magosi booted out before his mandatory retirement age, which he will reach in three years.

“A call for Magosi to step down has not been explained much. There is a lot of secrecy surrounding the matter but it looks like the president has made up his mind about relieving Magosi of his job,” said the source who went on to explain that firing Magosi was always going to be a delicate and balancing act because it would be better to have such a repository of government confidential information on the side of government than out in the wilderness.

“He is the ‘Museum of Botswana intelligence’ and having him and the former DIS boss, Isaac Kgosi out there would prove to be very dangerous for Masisi and the country,” he said.

As a DIS consultant, Magosi would still help in most of security operations behind the scenes as opposed to running the organization on a daily basis.

“This is an offer that Magosi is highly likely to accept once the process is completed,” added the source.

When contacted for a comment, the Press Secretary to the President, Batlhalefi Leagajang refused to be drawn into discussing the matter.

“Please be advised that it is not the policy of government to discuss contractual matters between government and its employees with third parties, therefore His Excellency cannot respond to your questions,” Leagajang said and went on to highlight that

should there be any developments in any senior positions in government, proper communication will be used to share the news with the nation.

Efforts to reach Magosi failed as his number rang unanswered and his secretary explained that he was locked in a meeting without giving details before cutting the call.

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Dr Gure’s anti climax



Dr Gure's anti climax

Ministry of Health silences sex doctor

Celebrity Medical Doctor, Thusang Gure who has been dishing out explicit sex advice on social media has been cautioned to stop.

The young Doctor with more than 200 000 followers on Facebook had become a darling of many women who religiously followed his sex lessons.

Although he started his sex talk during a late night show at one of the radio stations, Gure shot to social media fame when he started posting videos about sex on Facebook.

However, the excitement that came with his talks was last week brought to a screeching halt by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, leaving thousands of his fans and followers high and dry.

Information gathered by this publication has indicated that the Ministry was concerned that Dr Gure was masquerading as a sexologist (a specialist in sexual matters) when he was a General Practitioner.

According to the source, Gure who runs Medexo Private Clinic is a General Practitioner but his talks gave people an impression that he was a specialist by focusing on a specific area of medicine, especially in public.

“What he was doing was clearly advertising and medical practitioners are not allowed to do that. The other problem is that he googles most of the information he passes on to unsuspecting followers as expert advice,” the source stated

Asked why they summoned Dr Gure to the ministry, Chief Medical officer, Goabaone Rainer Mosimanegape said, “We as the regulator called him for a meeting and asked him to work hand in hand with us. We want to guide him so that he doesn’t look like he is encouraging some things which are out of line.”

Mosimanegape said that the ministry’s meeting with Dr Gure shouldn’t be viewed as a gag on Gure as he is a reasonable young man who was likely to take advice to stay in his lane.

“We didn’t summon him, we simply called him for a meeting which can help him going forward,” Mosimanegape emphasized.

Meanwhile, Dr Gure denied having any knowledge of the meeting.

“I am unaware of any such issues involving myself and if my name is used in any of your publications without factual basis then I reserve my legal rights,” he said in his response when asked to confirm if indeed he was warned to stop posting salacious sex advice.

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Police question Councillor in poaching probe



Umbrella for Democratic Change’s Councillor for Matlapana ward in Maun, Kobamelo Baikgodise, is among five men who have been questioned by Maun police over a buffalo poaching incident that reportedly took place in Khwai, about three weeks ago.

Baikgodise has however denied the arrest but said rather that he was summoned to the police station where he was questioned and wrote a statement over the incident which took place during the same weekend when he was in Khwai.

“As you may be well aware that I am friends with the Council Chairman, I had paid him a visit in Khwai during the weekend of the alleged poaching,” Baikgodise explained in a brief interview this week.

The Councillor stated that he had in fact taken the Council Chairman- Kebareeditse Ntsogotlho’s building material to Khwai and only went to the alleged poaching scene after Ntsogotlho’s injury.

“I was not at the scene, I was only alerted of his injury and that is when I went to the scene. I could not even talk to him because it was a bloody scene and he was in serious pain, so I did not even know what exactly happened that led to his injury,” Baikgodise explained.

The alleged poaching incident is still being investigated by the police who took the matter up following social media reports that the North West District Council Chairman, was attacked and injured by the buffalo early this month, during the extreme social distancing and movement lockdown.

Currently Ntsogotlho is hospitalised at Nyangabwe Referal Hospital where he is nursing thigh injuries.

Last week Ntsogotlho was hopeful that he would be released from hospital this week.

When shedding light on the matter, District No.5 police Commanding Officer, Peter Gochela, had stated that they have arrested and questioned some suspects on the matter but could not divulge names as they have not yet been charged.

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